Season of the Chosen Symbol

This next season is looking pretty nice for Destiny 2 (hopefully it’ll be enough to save it from its current descent, or at least long enough to get to Witch Queen). We know nothing about this next season except its name and its symbol. Though, it may be silly to say this, even though it’s true, you can get a read on the main contents of a season from just the symbol alone. Now, with that in mind, and as a lot of people are probably thinking, practically to a point where this post is pointless, but the season symbol looks very familiar, like a symbol that could be seen on the Leviathan. TL;DR, we may finally be dealing with Caiatl, daughter of Calus, and the “Heir Apparent” (the Cabal are not very subtle when it comes to their stories and names).

Now, the obvious thing is that we will kill her, thus putting an end to the Red Legion leadership (it only took about 4 1/2 years). But, there is a chance that Bungie may pull a 180 on us and make her an ally, although unlikely. But, there is still that scene shown in one of the Season of the Hunt videos that shows Zavala and Osiris standing next to high ranking Red Legion Centurions. Yes, this doesn’t exactly mean that Caiatl is an ally. It could be a scenario where these are Red Legion traitors who do not like Caiatl, or it could be a temporary alliance while they deal with the remaining Cabal Wrathborn. Either way, Cabal allies seem to be a possible thing, yet Caiatl’s fate is still a bit ambiguous. Though it will probably be one that ends with our bullets meeting her skull, for there is literally no direct evidence that Caiatl herself wishes for an alliance. And whatever info we do have of her says that she wants to kill us. However, the main point of this post is to discuss the symbol, and that does relate to the Cabal because of Calus. But, when I look at the symbol, something else pops in my head.

The old Fallen House of Kings, though the differences are very apparent. It’s upside down, the hole is filled in, and much more. But, as some may know, we have a friend who once served this house. Our boy Mithrax, Kell of House Light (or as I like to call him “Lore Randal”). Which, if you think, makes sense. His biggest opponent was Eramis, and in Beyond Light, we kill her (or at least make her too weak for the Darkness to care about her). And as some people know, when a big player gets taken out of the equation, a power vacuum appears, and nature abhors a vacuum. We’ve seen it happen with the Hive. Crota died, Oryx appeared. Oryx dies, Savathun appears. Savathun leaves, Xivu Arath pulls up. And, if you squint a bit, you can see it with the Fallen. Skolas and Wolves -> Aksis and Devil Splicers -> Fikrul and the Scorn -> Eramis and House Salvation. Now that Eramis is gone, and her House is scrambling, a spot for a big player in the Fallen Power Game. And thus, it’s reasonable to assume that Mithrax will try to fill this void. Though, if that’s the case, I’m expecting some opposition from Spider, and he already doesn’t like us.

So the two big possibilities of Season of the Chosen is either, least likely, a Fallen gang war featuring Mithrax and Spider (or a newcomer, I just thought of that), or, most likely, we’ll finally be dealing with Caiatl and the remaining Red Legion. I hope Mithrax though, we need more time with him.

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With all of the stuff happening with Savathun as of recent, I don’t think they would title something “Witch Queen,” and not use that as a DLC for Savathun and instead use it for Calus’s daughter. BUT… This is Bungie we are talking about…

Just realized you were talking about next season, my bad…

It cool. Besides, I have my own little theory about Witch Queen im regards to Eris Morn.

First off, Lore Randal is one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of read and I’m absolutely stealing it forever. Next, as always, your ideas seem pretty good, very reasonable, and I hope the Lore Randal idea happens.

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