Season of the Hunt | A Fair Exchange cutscene

Name: A Fair Exchange
Video URL: Ascendant Hunter | A Fair Exchange | Season of the Hunt - YouTube
Recorded: 2021. 01. 05


++ Spider’s Lair, Tangled Shore

**With a little help from Crow, the Guardian has slain the High Celebrant. They take proof of their heroism to the Spider to choose a reward from his vast storehouse

The Guardian: It’s done.
The Spider: So it is… so it is. Alright Guardian, as promised: you can have a prized bauble from my lair as compensation for your… heroics.
The Guardian: I want… him.

** Gestures to Crow
** Crow looks up at The Spider

The Spider: [snickers] Cute. Real funny.
The Guardian: You said anything in the room.

** The Spider’s guards point their arc spears at the Guardian

The Spider: [laughs] Oh… you really want my little bird? Fine. You can have him. Fly away…

**The guards lower their spears
**Crow begins to leave Spider’s Lair

The Spider: …and get the hell out of my lair.

**Crow and the Guardian leave Spider’s Lair

++Tangled Shore, The Reef

** Glint and Ghost materialize

Glint: Now what?
Crow: I… I don’t know. It doesn’t feel real. Freedom. Why would you do this for us?
The Guardian: Because… you’re a Guardian.