Season of the splicer Discussion

So what does everyone think about the bringing back of both the vault of glass and it’s original weapons. As well as the time lost variants of these weapons that are coming to D2?

Very cool and I’m super excited for it. It is a shame that it has no connection with the story though.

Well, there are some pretty big connections to the story, they just come later in the season. I can post the links if you would like.

Yes please. That’d be very kind of you.

Here you go, be wary SEVERE SPOILERS AHEAD

Card 1: Ikora Rey — As Prophesied — Interaction — Ishtar Collective — Destiny Lore by subject

Card 2: Splicer Servitor — Heroes' Memorial — Interaction — Ishtar Collective — Destiny Lore by subject

Card 3: X - MEMORIAL — Lore Entry — Ishtar Collective — Destiny Lore by subject

Though we have new iron banner weapons it kinda sucks because everyone is more or less using the same weapons

That tends to be the case. People use the new stuff, but eventually go back to the original if the new stuff isn’t better…or doesn’t make Warmind Cells.

Plus, the new Iron Banner weapons aren’t really all that good. Except Riiswalker. That thing it the first shotgun I actually really like using, was good, and I didn’t feel like a cheap piece of trash like with Felwinter’s Lie. Because, unlike that weapon nowadays, you have to earn the Riiswalker, then farm for the god roll. Not just spend a few materials to get a busted weapon like Felwinter’s.

Time and effort being rewarded is what this game needs for good weapons like that. And not just some system that shares similarities to a “pay-to-win” model.

Wooo…I uh…I apologise. I started to sound like reddit there for a moment.

It’s fine but it doesn’t help I’ve always enjoyed using the crimson and now it’s the meta so I’m like do I still use it without feeling scummy?