Servitor in Hiding

This was something that came up while I was fixing Destinypedia’s article of Simiks Prime (ha, only two references for it in all of Destiny…)

Like the House of Wolves and hypothetically Devils, the reemergence or continual survival of their Prime Servitor virtually ensures that House will continue to exist even if there are no Kells or Archons or Barons left.

The Wolves clung on in the Prison of Elders by rebuilding Kaliks, even though the real Kaliks is hiding somewhere out by the moons of Jupiter, and those who escaped rebuilt Orbiks Prime, even though the last of the Orbiks Servitors, Mecher Orbiks-11, was destroyed during the Wolf Rebellion.

Similarly, from what we can see in-game, the Devils lost two Kells—potentially one to Rezyl Azzir and Solkis to Saint-14—yet they have continued to survive because Sepiks Prime was still alive, as well as its Archon. Disregarding the House of Kings and their rumoured control over Devils, this is proof a House can still live as long as its Prime is alive. The Devil Splicers attempted to gain control over Devils by resurrecting Sepiks, and nearly succeeded before we destroyed it again.

So the state of the major affected Houses are:

  1. House of Devils—lost Kell(s), lost Archon; hung on with Sepiks until it was destroyed twice

  2. House of Wolves—lost Kells, lost Archons, lost Barons; hung on with not one but two separate Primes until their destruction; still has original Prime in hiding

  3. House Winter—lost Kell, lost Archon, lost leadership after Skolas killed them all; Prime either destroyed or in hiding

With Bungie’s penchant for stacking up unfulfilled plot points in Destiny, it seems to me that Simiks Prime is not dead but is lost somewhere—(spinfoil): perhaps in a Vex conflux!—and will return to reunite its House again in Destiny 2—or Destiny 3, since we already have an overabundance of unfulfilled plot points.

Just my two Strange Coins.


How does the hierarchy work for the Eliksni anyways? Could they keep promoting Captains to Kell to insure their house goes on?

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Skolas and the vex technology, the splicers and siva, the only time the Eliksni have become a threat to the traveler (During our guardians existence, thanks for pointing that out @RedRenegade ) has been when one of the houses has gotten their hands on a new technology. This shows that the artillary they currently have, (excluding the house of kings, thanks again @RedRenegade ) isn’t enough to threaten the existence of the traveler or the last city, especially when they are divided against each other.

We don’t understand how the Eliksni work, but we know that they once were accompanied by the traveler before “it” fled to mars. I see some parallels with the ghosts and the servitors.

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We don’t know that the Traveler is a “he”.

I’d argue against that point, seeing as the Battle of Six Fronts and the Battle of Twilight Gap are both instances where the Eliksni were a threat to the City under their own power.

The House of Kings are also a threat to the City, they just haven’t made a show of force yet.

The way I heard it, the Archons take care of the Servitors and choose who is made Kell. This is why they are called priests, because the Servitors are like their gods. I wouldn’t compare them to Ghosts for that reason.

In Skolas: Defeated, Variks speculates,
“Why do the Guardians get the Great Machine’s blessing, was it like that before the Whirlwind, were there Fallen heroes crowned in Ghosts who strode the battlefield fearless and full of Light?”

If Servitors were comparable, why imagine Eliksni Guardians with Ghosts? Because they’re not. Sure Servitors operate technology, fly ships, et cetera, but they also have a combat role, can’t res, and most importantly their main function is to generate Ether, and it’s around that the Eliksni hierarchy is built.

Servitor reads “Servitors are attached to a Prime, a massive Servitor which exists in unclear symbiosis with a Fallen Archon. The Archon conveys the Kell’s wishes to the Prime Servitor, and exerts some measure of control. Recent developments suggest that Prime Servitors are more than a focus of worship and logistical activity.”

If a captain were to grow large enough to become a new Archon, say by being fed enough Ether by a Servitor, that would get the ball rolling for new Barons and Kells by that logic.


Think you’ve confused me and Dante, but it’s cool. He taught me everything I know anyways :grin:

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Sorry, I’ve been bad with names for a long time. I’ve only recently begun to join the discussion here as well, but you guys have some really interesting discussion on Ishtar


[quote=“RedRenegade, post:5, topic:200, full:true”]Think you’ve confused me and Dante, but it’s cool. He taught me everything I know anyways :grin:

What? Little ol’ me? XD

It’s mostly a meritocracy up until you reach Captain, from what I’ve observed.

Those who’ve disgraced themselves are docked to Dreg; that is not their natural state. If they can prove themselves, then can regrow their arms to become either Vandals or Captains—not sure on if a disgraced Baron can return to being a Baron unless their Kell approves. Vandals, if they prove themselves, can become Captains; Captains, if they have been useful and/or ambitious enough can potentially become Barons, at which point they command many Captains and their crews. I’ve never bought into the idea that Barons command only one tiny Skiff; they at least warrant a Ketch, while Captains command Skiffs.

As for Archons, their hierarchy is unclear. Maybe you have to be exceptional at manipulating technology to become an Archon, perhaps by joining the Splicers. The card does say that they are scientists, bioengineers, and technicians focused on improving the Fallen.

Kell, it’s simple: kill or subjugate all contenders until you’re the only one left.

And the control over how many arms they can regrow/how large and powerful they become is held by rationing the Ether their Servitors produce.

So I have a question since we are on the topic of servitors.

From my understanding, servitors produce ether by breaking down organic matter. If this is true then why won’t the Eliksni scuttle the Dreadnought and feed it to their servitors?

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Because the Hive is still alive and kicking on the Dreadnaught, we Guardians are flying there daily, and the Cabal still have a beachhead. Not only that but we’ve barely explored the ship ourselves, much less gotten anywhere near to destroying it. And Hive biotechnology or whatever they use is still very anathema to most things, like Vex cells, infused with their dark magics. Servitors who tried breaking down the Dreadnaught’s organic parts would either explode or poison the Fallen, or do both.

That makes a lot of sense. I don’t think the Eliksni have the fleet power to make a move anyway.

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I think some of that is a bit speculative, but I definitely agree that the Fallen simply don’t have the resources to mount an assault on the Dreadnaught right now. I think that’s the main reason! :slight_smile:

Now if they took SIVA there, then we’d have an interesting, two front war (plus proper sequel to TTK) to fight. Seeing the Iron Battle Axe being used against a SIVA’fied Taken Ultra would be awesome.

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I guess SIVA would work on the Taken, given that it can infect paracausal beings and doesn’t require a living host.

I’m not exactly sure as to the mechanics of SIVA being able to take over “paracausal” things; the Iron Lord Remnants were dead bodies, their Ghosts destroyed, and they didn’t use Light-based powers against the Guardian. SIVA would be either rejected by whatever empowers the Taken or subverted completely, although even the details on that is uncertain, because we have no evidence as to “Taken” machinery beside the weapons of each Taken.

Ah well, it’s fun to speculate. Whatever would happen if SIVA got onto a Taken, it would probably be a terrible fusion of SIVA’s directives with that of the Darkness-enslaved creature.


Rather than thinking of SIVA infecting Taken, consider a SIVA-empowered Eliksni being Taken.


Oh my… that is terrifying.

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The way I’ve always thought about it was after the whirlwind what remained of the eliksni tried to regain there former power and glory by creating servitors as a proxy traveler and ether as a crude form of light hence why they now require it to live. I think that shanks are also there poor attempt at ghosts

Servitors have existed since before the Whirlwind, as seen in their card:

Servitors are living relics of the once-mighty Fallen civilization.

Additionally, ether has been the Eliksni’s sustenance since before the Whirlwind:

Remember the age before the Whirlwind, when ether ran free, when we ruled ourselves and our futures as kings.

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Thanks for the info but I liked my theory better lol