Seven Seraphs and the Exos

Forgive my ignorance if it’s already been confirmed, but I had a thought about what the Seven Seraphs could be. I’ve heard it assumed that they’re the warminds, but this takes a different route.

Lord Timur

“You seem far too obsessed with these ‘Warminds’.” Timur stops and stares into the horizon as if smelling something; not danger, discovery. He draws his fellow Iron Lord close. “Tell me, Felwinter,” he whispers, “what does the word Seraph mean to you?”

Felwinter leans in to whisper back. “Old Earth theology? I know its power well; one can make great use of the traps of faith and its myths.”

“Damn you, Exos!” The whisper game abandoned. “Do you even ponder the before? Or that number etched into your ‘flesh’? Do you see yourself in your dreams?"

Looking at Timur’s word choice here, and the way he moves the subject from Seraphs to Exos naturally, and of course the way the writers cut him off and avoid him picking it back up in satisfying detail, it’s possible he knows exactly what the Seraphs are.

What I’m getting at is, they could be a series of Exos - seven iterations of a consciousness known as Seraph.

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That could be quite possible I mean it’s at least a new theory only other thing that comes to my mind is the Nine but the Seraph’s being az different kind of Exo?? Seems plausible. But one thing I think that does throw this off is that correct me if I’m wrong wasn’t Felwinter a Exo?? Timur could just be fed up with how Felwinter acts.


Interesting theory. We know very little of the Seraphs. We have some flavor text and rumors. Really the only actual connection between the Warminds and the Seraphs is the Seraphim Vault. From that we assumed the Seraphs had a hand in building Rasputin at the very least.

I would say I think this card is interesting. There is a piece of flavor text from Seraph Reform that speaks about maybe the ghosts took us from a good place. I feel like this conversation could mean a few things.

  1. The Seraphs worked on the Warminds in some spirutal pursuit and Timur is asking felwinter if he knows about them.
  2. The Seraphs are not connected to the Warminds and Timur is trying to make Felwinter think about something different.
  3. Possibly Timur finds Felwinters obsession over the warminds odd. Maybe exos are not truly sentient like humans but warminds are. So timur asks questions to see if he is sentient. Maybe felwinter is obessed with the warminds because it is a machine that has gained sentience.
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This is exactly how I interpreted this line. Timur is not saying that the Seven Seraphs are related to Exos, he is complaining that Felwinter (an Exo) is more concerned with how he can use “traps of faith” than thinking about how the world must have been before the collapse, and then he tars all Exos with the same brush.

The Seraphs have an association with the Warminds, it seems most likely that they built the Warminds because they were confirmed to choose where (at the very least Rasputin) was placed. The key here is that Timur is leading Felwinter to a Clovis Bray (Exo-Science) lab AND talking about the Seraphs.

It’s a linear progression because of the Exo Stranger/Rasputin card where he says "You’re not one of them (the Guardians) and you’re not one of mine (implying that Rasputin and the Warminds had control over Exos at one point in time)

this says Seraphs had control over Warminds, Clovis made Exo, Warminds had control over Exos, Clovis had associations with the Seraphs.


Back on Destinypedia, we covered the Seven Seraphs I think. Like @AnonPig said, based on a Bungie commentary, and according to Rob Adams, Bungie’s Lead World Artist for Destiny, Seven Seraphs was a program overseen by the Cosmodrome’s “higher-ups”, who determined where to construct Rasputin’s bunker. This implies Seven Seraphs may be related to the Warminds, but does not mean they were responsible for creating the exo. That was Clovis Bray.

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