(Shadowkeep Lore Spoilers) This Moon spoiler was teased all the way back in D1!

So all the Moon’s Lost sectors refer to something called K1. K1 Logistics, Revelation, etc. Super cool and nifty. There’s more on K1 in the Shadowkeep API dump on the Collective site, in the lore book Revelation. I recommend reading through them, but I’ll put a spoiler tl;dr right here


The K1 research group happens across some sort of anomaly bouncing deep space signals buried on the moon. Right before the Collapse, the research team was driven crazy, plagued by visions, insomnia, nightmares. Eventually, as the Collapse hits, the crew is driven mad and slaughters each other, as the on-site Warmind sub-mind, Firewall, secures one last research station for future use. The rest are lost.

It’s a interesting story, but something tickled my brain. Moon anomaly designate K1:

From Destinypedia::

Documents recovered on-site listed this research station only as “K1”, although the location was hard to keep secret, given the intense electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from what City scholars have come to know as the Anomaly. Attempts to scan the Anomaly itself have proven futile, as the casing is constructed in a manner that defies modern techniques.

Reports suggest that those who spent time in proximity to the Anomaly reported symptoms of insomnia, some so severe they required hospitalizationstewardship of the facility was handed over to the Guardians in order to maintain a watch against the Hive forces that will inevitably come in search of this mysterious power.

Full circle, Bungie. Even Rasputin on the Moon. Bravo.

PS: Another cool connection I’ll put in the spoiler box:


The three expedition members from the Revelations card “The Expedition”, Captain Hou Ye, Dr. Luli Henson, and Jun Han, are the same expedition members from the
Ocean of Storms Grimoire from D1. Based off of process of elimination, it’s Hou Ye that’s the speaker, and he is the first to see what will become the first Hive

I do not think the nightmares became the hive. Preceded, perhaps.

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Shadowkeep Spoilers

What do you think the creature talking to us through a vision of our own guardian at the end of Shadowkeep campaign was?

The hive were a thing way before humanity. So the nightmares could not have been the first hive.

What did you think of Shadowkeep?

A manifestation of the Dark most likely. Not hive though, we have not seen them exhibit any such ability yet. With lore support, I could be persuaded that they posses it though.

It is definitely related to the darkness. Maybe they are caused by something the pyramid ships radiate?

K, in that case in future dlcs we will probably see more of them

I fully expect to, unless we completely gork them in SK but I doubt we will.

No in Shadowkeep there was barely any of the actual darkness

Well, I’d argue that the race or whatever uses the Pyramid (ships?) is not the actual Darkness. Just as there is not a race called The Light, so there is not a race called The Darkness. There are users of both and races that are more in tune with their respective “patrons” but the only time we ever see The Light or The Darkness actually speak is when Auryx communes with the Deep, as evidenced in BoS. However, that interactions nature is suspect. We do not know whether it is allegory, as it actually happened, or if Oryx was lying. For now, I am of the belief that The Darkness and The Light are fundamental forces (like gravity and the strong and weak nuclear force).

Yeah but I meant like the main creatures that use the darkness (like those that wiped out the drifter’s fireteam once

Oh, I see what you mean. I am unsure if the creatures on Athenaum World X are the same as those who use the Pyramids, but it would be very interesting if they end up being related.

This is my prediction/hope of destiny 2 going into destiny 3(if we even get a destiny 3): we learn more and more about the darkness it’s self and the pyramid ship creatures during the next 5 years of D2 and then in D3 we are given a choice, that choice is either stay on the side of the traveler and fight the darkness or forsake the traveler and join their side and become the darkness’s version of a guardian

No, sorry. I was using the term in reference to how the OoS grimoire card refers to them, not the in game Nightmares(sorry for the confusion!)

Haven’t had a chance to play it, I’m away at college :frowning:

Oof, the ending is cool tho, also it is as short as rise of iron was but there’s more endgame than rise of iron to make you stick around


Yes but still. If the hive were descendants of nightmares, then the hive wouldn’t be millions of years old. Unless I’m missing something?

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