Shaxx's Mixtape

Zone: Tower
Area: Zavala’s Office
Recorded: 2020.03.18


** The Guardian plays Shaxx’s Mixtape from a music player among Zavala’s personal effects.

Shaxx: Think of it as training, Guardian. You can only get stronger from this.

** Music begins playing.

Shaxx: Fantastic work!

Shaxx: Guardians live for moments like these. Finish it!

Shaxx: YES! Now do it again.

Shaxx: I want more, Guardian

Shaxx: Magnificent! Now stay focused.

Shaxx: If you want it, this battle is yours. TAKE IT.

Shaxx: A passion for hard work. I like that.

Shaxx: Fight until there’s nothing left!

Shaxx: YESSS!

Shaxx: Your legend grows!

Shaxx: This is it. SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT.

Shaxx: I tell everyone you’re my favorite Guardian. WHO CARES? YOU FIGHT LIKE AN ANIMAL.

Shaxx: Now you’re fighting with heart, Guardian!

Shaxx: You can’t fight when you’re that tense, Guardian. What’s wrong with you? Relax. Relax more. I SAID RELAX.

Shaxx: Pain leads to perfection, Guardian. Embrace it.

Shaxx: No more second chances! Fight 'til the end!

Shaxx: I love it.

Shaxx: One final push, Guardian. That’s all I ask. DO IT.

Shaxx: You’re halfway. Hold strong!

Shaxx: You’re unstoppable!

Shaxx: FIGHT FOREVER, Guardian!

Shaxx: I knew you could do it! I’d give anything to fight a worthy opponent like you. Someday.

** Music ends.

Shaxx: Even steel needs sharpening – don’t stray too long.