Shin Malphur vs. Shadows

In the new Ghost Fragment: The Last Word 5, Shin Malphur is talking to his Ghost about the Shadows. As we’ve seen in the Ghost Fragments of various Crucible maps, the Shadows of Yor are Guardians who idolize Yor to an unhealthy degree, using cleansed “Thorn” replicas as their weapons and going about dressed up in dark gear.

The new “The Shadows of Yor” and “Ghost Fragment: Thorn 5” all but prove that Shin’s fears are well justified and that the Vanguard are fools – the Shadows have been corrupted and seek to explain away Rezyl’s terrible deeds and misunderstood fatalism (words I wrote in the Destinypedia article). Shin feels that it is upon him, the destroyer (liberator?) of Yor, to deal with them personally. I have a feeling the saga of Dredgen Yor and Shin Malphur is not over yet. Perhaps in Destiny 2 we’ll learn more about Jaren Ward, and the Titan Thalor mentioned a few times.

Either way, what with Lysander lurking around out there (perhaps this was one of his justifications for originally trying to overthrow the Consensus) and these Shadows sliding inexorably to damnation, we’re going to have a Guardian civil war. Lady Efrideet’s pacifist Guardians are the only ones who don’t have conflict maring their history.

Meeting shin in game would allow me to die happy

We’d meet like equals, especially since we’ve killed two Hive gods, a Fallen machine god, and toppled the would-be Kell of Kells, and he killed the greatest Guardian to have ever existed but slid to evil.