Short story for Uni ideas?

First off, my name’s Kate.
I am completely new to this forum so please - bare with me.

I was wondering what you thought was the best lore to write about? For my university degree I was wanting to write a short story based within someone of the lore of destiny (as I think/thought) it would be a good idea.

Any suggestions would be welcome as I am currently thinking of a story around the age of The Great Hunt… but anything really.

Thank you,


There are some stories that have been written but could be continued like the story of Shin Malphur, Saint-14, Rezyl Azzir before he was Yor, the iron lords, etc. It really depends on what you want to write about. Hope this helps out. And good luck on your story!

You could also try writing about a character or event of your own, but limit yourself to the established rules and lore that already exist—e.g., An Exo piecing together his/her past and placing their memories into an ordered timeline, a Titan who wants to explore the ruins/mysteries of the Golden Age but is conflicted because his/her duty is to the City, a citizen of the City serving as a squire for a Guardian who doesn’t want him/her around but is bound by some oath or promise.

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.

On the topic of your writing, as CAL-9 said, you could do something of your own design, but within the framework which has already been established. Personally something about a Lightless Guardian fleeing the City when the Red Legion hit, could be emotionally gripping. Trying to survive in the wilds outside the City, encountering possible resistance movements, and attempting to avoid Red Legion pursuers.

I guess the ‘best’ lore to wright about is what you’re most interested in. At the end of the day if you don’t care about what you’re writing, it wont the the best it could be.

I might recommend the Fate of the Sunbreakers. It is a good topic.