Should Bungie make a Netflix Destiny series

Because i think that with all the stories inside the Destiny universe, a show like the “Halo: Legends” they had back when they still owned Halo would actually be really cool.


yeeeeeees. I think that’s a great idea.

YES. They could focus on events like Twilight Gap, Battle of Six Fronts, The First Crota Fireteam, and other events that are very important.

YES. I would watch the HELL outta that. But there is one tiiiiny wrinkle… funding. Also Netflix cancelling everything, a whole lotta shows are green lit then get cancelled after season one…

I would kill for even one season

Hummmm… I think we may be able to get more… if you would kill for it… how many weapons do you have access to and where’s the address of the CEO of Netflix…

Wow there. Dial it back a bit sir. We don’t need violence before the show starts.

i just went on a crazed rant on hunter supers, I need some chill

Heavy breathing LEMME AT EM!!!

Jubi, calm down, you need to take a deep breath… just relax

Violent lashing THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!! If they cancel it… or don’t take it… More violent struggling, clutching the shotgun tightly IMMA KILL SOMEONE!!

WE GOTTA RESTRAIN JUBI, SOMEONE GRAB THAT SHOTGUN, QUICKLY! god damn if this say the body is unclear one more fucking time

Struggles harder while angrily reeeeeing LET ME AT EM!!


Maybe we should… stop doing this… it’s kinda off topic and might be annoying to anyone who wants to have a serious conversation…

Back on topic, (and bringing this back to talk about a little bit) now, ok?

They just need to make a Cayde-6 series with his adventures if I can have that, I would be good.

What about things like the Great Disaster and Battle of 6 Fronts? those, in my opinion, would be great.

And Twilight, and the First Crota Fireteam. Really just a series where we follow a guardian would be cool…

also what about cayde and his 6 i would like to see that also maybe diving into lore that isnt quit easy to visualize

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