Similarities Between Hive Worms and Ghosts

Recently the idea came to me that there were actually quite a few similarities between the worms and Ghosts, and I wanted to bring it up here. Both are granted to their bearers by some higher power, both grant the bearers great paracausal powers, and both take shelter “within” their bearers. The point I see it split off is that the Ghosts form a more symbiotic relationship with their Guardians. The Guardians give them protection and mobility, while the Ghosts give the Guardian powers and the ability to cheat death. The Worms, however, have a more parasitic relationship with the Hive. Yes they grant power, but unless the worm is fed with enough death, it will consume the host. I’d like to hear your thoughts on these observations, and know if you saw anything I missed.

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i agree but with the new stasis thing coming out it kinda rocks your theory man but hey i think this is a great theory man keep it up