Simulation: Agility

Name: Simulation: Agility
Video URL: Old Secrets, New Challenges | Exo Challenge — Simulation: "Agility" | Beyond Light - YouTube
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Recorded: 2020.12.01


++ Phoebe

** The Guardian enters one of Clovis Bray I’s Exo training protocols.

Clovis Bray AI: Elisabeth sent you here to pester me, didn’t she? I programmed this challenge especially for her, you know. I’m not shocked she held onto that grudge for more than a millennia. Which can’t be good for her mental stability.

** The Guardian steps through the simulated gate and begins to ascend the simulated spire, defeating the simulated Vex which appear. The Guardian hacks a simulated conflux.

Clovis Bray AI: Clearly you share my granddaughter’s particular brand of lunacy. Let’s see if you can measure up intellectually as well.

** The Guardian traverses the platforms which appear and hacks another simulated conflux. The Guardians continues to ascend the platforms and reaches a large platform with a conflux surrounded by a barrier. More simulated Vex appear. The Guardian defeats the simulated Vex and removes the barrier.

** The Guardian hacks the conflux and goes through a passage way which appears behind the conflux. The Guardian traverses the platforms which appear, defeating the simulated Vex which they encounter and passes through a simulated gate.

Clovis Bray AI: Elisabeth taught you the tricks of this arena, didn’t she? Ha. Clever girl. This stage, however, I concocted just for you. Good luck.

** The Guardian hacks a simulated conflux. Simulated Vex appear throughout the area. The Guardian defeats the Simulated Vex, disables the barrier, and destroys the Simulated Core Conflux.

Clovis Bray AI: I can certainly… see why my granddaughter chose you to be her lackey. Run on back to her, why don’t you? What you’ve done here will power her smug satisfaction for another thousand years.

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