Simulation: Safeguard

Name: Simulation: Safeguard
Video URL: Old Secrets, New Challenges | Exo Challenge — Simulation: "Safeguard" | Beyond Light - YouTube
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Recorded: 2020.12.01


++ Atlas

** The Guardian accesses one of Clovis Bray I’s Exo training protocols.

Clovis Bray AI: I spent thousands of hours and countless staff on this battle-algorithm. And you think you alone can keep the Vex from scaling these two platforms? Since I’ve grown soft in my retirement, I’ll give you a tip… the cube overhead is something of a nerve center for these Vex. Hit it to buy yourself some time.

** The Guardian defends the simulated Ziggurat platforms alongside BrayTech Security Frames from the simulated Vex.

// NOTE If Ziggurat Stability falls below 95%
Clovis Bray AI: Even in chaos, you can’t let a single enemy slip past your notice.

// NOTE If a Conflux is vulnerable
** The Guardian destroys the Conflux. Vex start to temporarily malfunction.

** The simulated Vex infiltrate the eastern and western Ziggurat platforms. The Guardian clears the platforms of simulated Vex and the Ziggurat begins regenerating. The simulation activates the Vex Gate. A Simulated Gate Lord appears.

Clovis Bray AI: The Vex won’t cut you any slack. And neither will I. Don’t let the Gate Lord distract you too much. You’ve still got territory to defend.

// NOTE If Ziggurat Stability falls below 50%
Clovis Bray AI: For heaven’s sake, pay attention!

** The Guardian defeats the Simulated Gate Lord.

Clovis Bray AI: My, my, you are quite the resilient little soldier, aren’t you? Don’t take too much pride in that. Cockroaches share the same trait.

// NOTE If Ziggurat Stability falls below 15%
Clovis Bray AI: At this point, your odds of regaining control are upsettingly slim. A hard reset may be our only option. Try not to disappoint me this time, would you?

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