SIVA:Iron's Bane

Something has been bothering me for a while when I think about the Iron tomb…Saladin says he never thought heroes could die, but they did.

So how did SIVA kill the iron lords ( Not Felwinter,Jolder and Gheleon since you have to fight them but what happened to the other nine you see fighting in the opening cutscene). Lord Saladin says that over a hundred iron lords went into the plague lands but only nine reached the replication chamber, I mean if they died from the splicers or anything else, why weren’t they revived by their ghosts?

I went through some of the grimoire cards but never found a clue about SIVA actually attacking the ghosts first then killing the guardians which is weird…Which basically leads me to another question, which is, is SIVA capable of draining one’s light? Since the only way you can be 100% a guardian dies, is by either destroying their ghost then killing them, or by draining their light completely (which can only be done using a weapon of sorrow).
How did SIVA become Iron’s bane?
I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this matter :smiley_cat:

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by draining their light completely (which can only be done using a weapon of sorrow)

That’s not quite true. Crota managed to permanently kill Eris Morn’s fireteam, and it’s explicitly stated that the Heat of Crota stripped Omar Agah of his Light, and the Heart isn’t and doesn’t have a weapon of sorrow. I’m guessing that SIVA cuts off a Guardian’s connection to the Light, or maybe as it’s treated like a parasite, it has the option of feeding on a Guardian’s light.

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The Iron Lords that didn’t make it to the Replication Chamber were killed by Rasputin. Saladin says this:

Only a few of us reached the replication complex. The worst of Rasputin’s defences had already blanketed this entire area. Frames, constructs… Some things I haven’t seen before nor since.

A number of Dormant SIVA clusters also recount the deaths of several Iron Lords, such as Iron Lords 2.0:

A tendril reaches out, crushes my Ghost. I turn to face it. My boots slide in snow thick with blood.

There’s also Iron Lords 2.8, but it’s impossible to tell if this is from one of the nine who made it to the Chamber, or from one of the others:

I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want… ~consume enhance replicate~

Ghost? Ghost, where are you?

Given this, I think that SIVA (and, by extension, Rasputin and his frames) simply destroyed the Ghosts before killing the Iron Lords themselves. With regards to SIVA being Iron’s Bane, it’s probably the moniker Saladin gave SIVA after the attack on the Replication Complex, given the number of casualties it caused.


Ahh okay well yes, that seems rather possible, however, apart from the SIVA topic, I believe that almost every hive weapon ( their own arsenal) can inflict sorrow as they all have been affected and altered by hive sorcery ( I’m not sure if this is confirmed or not so this is pure speculation). But I do agree with you or your point that it may cut the connection to the traveler. :smiley:

Oh I did not notice that card, my bad! But yes, I agree with you as well on your points, since it seems the only logical reason how they would die.
Thank you for clarifying though! :relaxed:

You’re very welcome! :slight_smile: The new story playlists are definitely helpful when it comes to finding details that are mentioned in one-off dialogue; if it wasn’t for the ROI playlist I’d have completely forgotten Saladin mentioning Rasputin’s frames.

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