Sniper Rifle Pinnacle Weapon Idea

here is the idea:
Sniper rifle pinnacle weapon
Note: All of these are based on a regular 5 resilience guardian with no perks, buffs or supers active
Note #2: I do not have names for the perks or the sniper itself yet. Input is appreciated
Headshot – Enough to one tap to the head

Body – 3/4 of their health
With powered bullet - enough damage to one tap to the body

Business scope: While scoped in, using the scroll wheel changes the zoom of the sniper

Hipfire grip: Increases stability when firing from the hip. Yada yada don’t remember the entire perk

Perk 1:

Getting a precision kill grants increased aim assist on no-scopes until the next shot is fired

Perk 2:

Getting a hit with the previous perk active grants a powered bullet the next time you shoot. The high damage bullet will disappear after 10 seconds this

What do you people think? Comments or suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

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Great idea, this seems like a more unique type of weapon that not many people would be willing to grind for, might add some variety to PVP other than Hand Cannon, Shotgun, and Machine Gun. Needs a better name though :joy:
Might I suggest: The Last Scream

This sounds like some FaZe clan MLG stuff going down. If I didn’t know how some people use sniper rifles in PvP, I’d be facepalming all over this. However, people are capable of using snipers like shotguns when they follow up with a melee.

Yeah that’s kind of what I do when I’m not actually aiming. :slight_smile:

I believe the last scream is already a weapon in game, and I wanted something unique. I was thinking of making this vex-themed. What do you think? Any name ideas for that? Cause I’m not good at thinking of names :sweat_smile: .