So a random idea I had

So everyone knows the old destiny concept art where Uldren Sov carries a double barreled shotgun on his back right? Well I was thinking since this is a type of weapon that has never been featured in destiny before that it would be cool if we got this as an exotic weapon. What thoughts do you all have about this?

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I mean a lotta D1 stuff never made it into D2. While possible that they may introduce a new weapon out of nowhere, I doubt it. Crow hasn’t used that gun at all, and its not very likely it will make it into D2. They haven’t brought back a lot of weapons, such as Nechrochasm, Dragons Breath, Gjhallahorn, Plan C, etc.

And some they did bring back they reskinned, Red Death → Crimson, The First Curse → Dead Man’s Tale, Bolt Caster/Dark Drinker/Raze Lighter → Caster Frame/Vortex Frame/Lightweight Frame.

All in all, I doubt it would happen, while it’s kinda fun to think about it.

Even if it’s not specifically that weapon I’d like to see a double barreled shotgun archetype in D2

Not to mention that a lot of things that didn’t make it into destiny 1 are making it into D2 like the EDZ and Europa

Also could you give an explanation of how the first curse’s predecessor is the dead man’s tale? As I don’t personally see the connection between the two besides their manufacturer

Are they not almost polar opposites? DMT is more similar to The Last Word because they are both focused on hip-fire, while First Curse is based entirely around ADS and accuracy.

I personally haven’t used DMT yet so I don’t even know if either of these statements are accurate