So about emperor Calus,


I think that he means something along the lines of assassin or just someone that will operate in the shadows to work for him and get him back in the emperor’s throne


Or, when he says to “cast a shadow” he means for you to grow so fat from strength that you are meteorically large enough to cast a significant shadow. In other words, become ridiculously powerful.


so…update. in destiny 2’s tower you can find the sweeper bot. but it says that it is the emperors advocate. which to me is a little enteresting.


When it says that, I think that Calus has hacked that frame (the robot) to provide his gifts to you in the Tower, so he can reward you without you coming out to him.


my theory is that he’ll give us said powers in penumbra, as the definition, or at least how im perceiving it, is light, us with the new powers, emerging from a place thought to be dark, or Calus


I dunno, I think it just further justifies how shady Calus is.
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I have waited for so long to do that.