So about emperor Calus,

so I’ve been reading up on the lore for Calus and in my own opinion, he actually doesn’t seem all that bad. like yeah he is cabal, and yeah he enslaved a lot of planets, but according to what I read it doesn’t look like the planets were unhappy. if anything they seemed better. he was exiled, and now we have the cabal as they are now. almost mindless war machines that aren’t good at their job. and according to Calus himself, they lost some very good weaponry and armor, as he didn’t see the red leigon using any of them. but back to why he doesn’t seem so bad.1, he flat out offers to help you “grow fat from strength”.2, he doesn’t see you as an enemy, but more as an ally against the current cabal emperor. but this is just my own opinion. he really doesnt seem that bad.


I totally agree with you. I have tried to bring this up with some of my friends, but they just look at me weird and say but he’s cabal, so he’s evil. I think that he invited us into his “house” and tested us in the typical cabal manner. He literally gives us powerful weapons and armor. He also, as you said, wants us to grow fat from strength. My theory is that Calus knows that those triangle ships are coming, and he wants our help, so he is testing us to see if we are worthy of his power.

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i think that is a possibility, but he also wants us to help him become emperor again, because he is still exiled.

I would love to get to go to the Cabal homeworld and fight with Cabal, because I loved how you got to fight with Spider’s Associates in Forsaken

yeah, and maybe the reason there are a bunch of Calus-bots is so he can keep testing you to see if you are truly strong enough to fight with him as you said.

Or, as me and my raid teams joke, rows of each weekly reset. But ya, they are probably there to keep testing you, or use them to defend the Leviathan, such as in SoS, you the the boss beating up a Calus bot

yeah. and maybe we could get more cabal-like weapons and armor if we did help calus.

Same. I would kill to have a cabal helmet on my titian.

or a cool looking bond on my warlock.

Psionic robes on a warlock would look sick

heck yeah, or a cool looking gun.

Or a linear fusion rifle based off of the psion sniper

Cabal just look cool in general, and they are the only people we never really had raid armor that looks like Cabal in D1 or D2.

true. though the hive armor in D1 looked pretty sick.

The Crota Armor with the full ornaments was cool, and the Vex themed stuff from VoG was sick too with the ornaments

i havent seen the VoG stuff yet.

Look it up. The hunter has a robot leg.

I’ll bet anything that we’re gonna become Calus’ Shadow of Shadows in Penumbra.

And man, the only races that are inherently evil (Or rather, are set in their ways and are actively hostile. Evil is a strong word. I personally wouldn’t consider Oryx, for instance, “evil”.) are the Hive and Vex. Fallen and Cabal are pretty chill. The Fallen are basically the victims at this point.

Ya, the Fallen are just chasing their god, and they think we’re holding it hostage

yes. though i would like to know exactly what calus means when he calls people shadows. it could mean so many things that i cant decide which one i even want to think might be true.