So about the traveler

So i was browsing ghost stories from forsaken and found two in particular talking about what’s inside the traveler. Difference in Opinion and one, which is less specific, Wether Windmills or Cranes. The first is a questionare for two ghost called Peach and Balthazar where their asked questions about what the traveler is, and what’s inside it. Peach has no memory of it but Balthazar seems to remember it clearly saying it’s “Imagine a cosmos inside a bottle. Trillions of stars orbiting each other in a complex weave. But they aren’t stars. Perhaps a better word would be… souls. Souls, dancing in an infinite space enclosed within a celestial egg.” which sounds very eerie and kinda goes with a crackpot theory I had a while back abut the traveler being filled with souls, as of which the ghost are specific souls of people. In the other entry a Ghost named Panza talking about his guardian who grew kinda crazy and said that “The Dragon is gone, but he yielded his treasure to me in a whisper… A secret so dire it may just save us all.” of which he goes on to say “The Traveler is no gift—it is a lie… A beacon for death and destruction. Within be dragons, nurtured by our suffering, weaned on our hope. All dragons must die. The shell must be cracked till its yolk drowns those who worship its deceit. Our last great conquest. The crowning battle of our legend writ large.” And then he shouted, “For Light to endure, the Traveler must perish!” which sounds VERY weird since it seems to be implying the dragon (most likely riven I’m guessing) told him that more ahamkara exist in the traveler. I’m more so on board with the first description but I felt like putting the dragon one in there to see others opinions

Goes hand in hand with “Ghost Fragment: Ghosts”. There’s always been the theory that the Traveler is a sort pocket universe with sentient things inside. Maybe they’ll explore that idea in the future.