So, How is the Darkness on the Moon? (Spoiler free theory)

NOTE: Very Spinfoil

So the darkness is on the moon, There is no denying that, but how did it get there and how did we not see it? Well I have a theory. You see, Back in D1 there was a crucible map by the name of “Anomaly”, This crucible map was what appeared to be a smaller golden age moon base in Mare Cognitum. However, what made this crucible map stand out was the massive, enclosed object in the center of the map. You couldn’t open it, it didn’t move, and it was pretty clear from how it was described that it’s meant to hold or contain something.

“[u.1:01] A Titan once tried to punch the Anomaly until it opened.” -Ghost Fragment: The Anomaly

But, besides being very strong, and “the casing is constructed in a manner that defies modern techniques.“, whatever that means. The anomaly has one last, very interesting property. It causes nightmares.

Reports suggest that those who spent time in proximity to the Anomaly reported symptoms of insomnia, some so severe they required hospitalization. It was the City’s recommendation that only remote sensing equipment be used until such time that a full review of the existing data could be completed.”

-Ghost Fragment: The Anomaly

Insomnia’s main symptom, and its most notable one, is a loss of sleep. However that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have other side-effects, one of which being “waking nightmares”, which is where a person experiences a nightmare more vividly and while awake due to lack of sleep. So we have an object that has weird, anomalous properties that causes nightmares and just so happens to reside in the exact place that the darkness randomly appears in, Mare Cognitum.

Do I think this is the official explanation? Probably not. But I did have a lot of fun researching this!

So the spire actually some lore to it, dang i wondering for awhile. But still great theory

What do you mean by “the darkness is on the moon?”

well there is a bit of darkness, at least that is what we can tell right now from the trailers

As I understand it, the Darkness and Light both exist everywhere and can be made more influential by those who serve them. The Darkness may have a more substantial form on the Moon now thanks to the increased Hive activity but it has been there at least as long as the Hive have been.

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The way I’ve read the lore, the darkness and light are more of background radiation most of the time, unable to do too much. However, hey also both possess physical forms or representations, with the darkness taking up a more viscous form, simply filling up what space it can, with the light using individuality and calculated forms, such as how the ghosts are constructs of the light. We also know the darkness isn’t solid, since both Oryx and Cayde have been “inside” the darkness in each of their respective lore cards.

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