So I came up with another exotic and it is wacky

This exotic like in the title is a bit wacky and it is called The Prosthetic ( I’ll come up with a better one later)

so it replaces the melee ability and your power weapon slot you have and replaces it with its exotic ability Rocket Hand and its other ability Pull My Finger
First the Rocket hand perk: when the melee ability is used it fires off the hand and track targets (it does the same damage as the little throwing hammers) and explodes
Now the second perk Pull My Finger: When power ammo is picked you load it into the hand and pull of your fingers to reveal knuckle lasers that fires 5 beams at once


here’s the lore tabs and the gun quote

Have you ever wanted to punch someone but they were too far away?

R: So I went to the Plaguelands a few weeks ago.
D: What do you mean you went to the Plaguelands you know the Cosmodrome is off limits.
R: Soooo it doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in, plus I was scavenging.
D: Ah jeez, at least tell me what you found.
R proceeds top take the towel covering his arm off
D: Now I have seen a lot of strange stuff that Titans do but this is, what is this?
R: Well It’s a robot arm of course
D: But you’re already an exo, wait did you cut off your arm?!
R: Yup sirree this baby right here is my own pride and joy now. I can even shoot it like a rocket!
R proceeds to fire off his fist at a wall
D: What are you supposed to do now huh? You just blew up your hand, please you have spares.
R: Well it has Siva in it, it should regenerate.
D: If I weren’t your friend would’ve reported you to the Vanguard by now.
R: It can also shoot lasers too, watch this-

This sounds like something straight out of Looney Toons. I like it! Though it’s likely that this will never appear in game due to the ridiculousness of it. But who knows? It may be found by some jokester who manages to get it approved!

Just imagine you are playing crucible and some guy just shoots his hand at your face and you get punched across the map and explode (only getting you down to half health) then later on you see five lasers just shredding people

It’d be hilarious but doesn’t seem like something Bungie would do… who knows though?

It would be cool if Bungie did a fan exotic contest

Yeeeessss pleeeeeasseeee? There are so many cool ones.

especially that faith sniper rifle

im kinda hoping for custom unique exotics, as long as its fair and you or someone you know builds the icon etc

Or like, it’s checked for balancing by some algorithim or something if that’s possible.

also just finished the “lore” of it haha

Lol, nice one! “What this- NOOOO.” And the little lore bit is hilarious too. Overall a comedic madhouse!