So, is there ever gon be a new hunter Vanguard or Speaker?

So, is there ever gon be a new hunter Vanguard or Speaker??

My bet is Uldren is a Vanguard in D3.

As for the Speaker, I doubt it. The Speaker seemed to stand in place for the dead Traveler. With the Traveler arisen, there’s no need for someone to “speak” for it’s interests.

Plus, the Speaker wasn’t particularly well liked-most regard him as close-minded for rejecting controversial studies (Osirian philosophy, etc.) Most probably aren’t keen to see another Guardian loom over the rest, preaching the gospel of the Light.

Uldren is dead though…

He isn’t. He got rezzed by a ghost remember?

Cite lore please? I want to read up on it. It’s news to me.

One sec in the middle of a science lab

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It was a forsaken cutscene

Idk bout speaker but Uldren at some point will be new vanguard

I do not remember Uldren getting resurrected by a Ghost in a cutscene…

OOOOOOHHHH It’s because I haven’t completed the story of Black Armory yet…

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That is me in basically every mention of a cutscene in game, “oooh, it’s because I haven’t played (insert DLC here)”

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Yeah, I just never got into the Black Armory story very much… It seemed underwhelming.

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Actually it was in a queen’s court

It still wasn’t accessible until Black Armory

Yes but it was in a normal forsaken thing that just dropped during black armory, queens court requires nothing from black armory

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Here’s the Sause @XxDredgenXAKAIxX

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Actually, I don’t think that Uldren will be the Vanguard (and thank goodness, because then I might have to quit being a hunter main). In the lore book Ecdysis, it is made clear that Mara doesn’t believe Guardians are to be considered the same person. Rather, as best as I can tell, she subscribes to the theory that the memories we have are more or less what makes us ourselves. By that logic, the Risen formerly known as Uldren is not responsible for killing Cayde, either in terms of punishment or right to the Vanguard. If I had to wager a guess who, especially since I don’t think the Vanguard will dissolve, I would be Shiro-4 will be the new Vanguard. He is qualified, during ROI he was already tied to a “desk job” at Felwinter, and if nothing else, he is an already established character that Bungie has art assets for. I rather think Uldren will be used to explore questions of the consciousness, morality, and what it means to be a Guardian.

You are forgetting the Hunter Dare…


No, my point was that the Hunter Dare is not applicable. If we accept Mara’s philosophy that Guardians are different being, since they don’t have their memories, then the Dare doesn’t apply. The Dare would apply to Uldren, but he is dead. It would not apply to the Risen who was Uldren, because he is not Uldren, but a separate entity. Therefore, while the Vanguard might offer him the position, he is not bound to take it, since he did not make the choice to kill Cayde. Personally, if he were offered the position, I don’t think he’d take it, given his story arc, but that is beside the point.