So what is the ascendant plane ? (Hive lore newbie warning)

So, I know I may look like an ignorant idiot, but I would quite appreciate some help understanding what the ascendant plane is and what does it have to do with throne worlds for the hive (does it even have anything to do with it ? Probably). For some reason I cannot find info on that anywhere, and I wasn’t around for destiny 1 (since I belive that there is info there but I don’t want to watch gameplay of every story mission possible).

Any help appreciated !

Alright, The Ascendant plane is basically like the god plane or spirit plane for the hive.
All the rich boys and girls of the hive. (Rich meaning they have a lotta power,) get to scoop out a pocket of this world for their own.
They scoop out this pocket of the Ascendant plane to create their own world. Literally mind you.
And if they die in the material plane, they go to the Ascendant plane to recuperate and regen. (Hence why we had to kill Crota in his throne world in the Ascendant Plane. And I believe why Omnigul always comes back.) Because they just regen there and come back.
Of course, this is what I got from reading and discussing it.

Alright thanks for the help !