So, who wants to talk about the new book "Constellations"?

Give this new book a read through. There are some interesting…artifacts…in its pages.

Edit: This book is truly a boon to the community. We have never before had insight into this area of the lore.

Is this a book from the new season?

Yes. Here is a link.

Holy… alright that a hell of a lot of new info, give me some time to compile a response (im kinda busy rn)

Take all the time you need. This is a doozy.

alright so first off the second I saw the traveler “speaking” I remembered the quote “I speak for the traveler, I never said it spoke to me” which seems to be an inconsistency, I also saw mentions of one of the speakers (might be ours cant remember off the top of my head) making his mask, is this the same one ours was wearing? as well as the implications that the older speakers came from before the collapse and even spoke to the traveler, (sorry if this isn’t too well structured, lot of ideas flowing) and how the speaker knew of the red war?
Speaker aside I’m less confident that the traveler is the light, judging by how it saw things around it and how it was imprisoned, I’ve come up with a theory that maybe the shell around the traveler is its prison and something put it there…

Thats all the time i got rn, have some other things to talk about also

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I think the mask was made by a Speaker before ours. Given the description of the very first compared with the polished Mask with which we are familiar, I think the original was improved upon at least cosmetically if not built into a new one.
There was mention of nine different forces keeping the Traveler put/imprisoned, could be the Nine?

When I first saw that, my immediate reaction was “Oh look at that, the Nine are back to bamboozling again.” I honestly can’t tell if it is them or not, but it seems like it is a definite maybe that it could possibly be them.

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I would not be surprised. We know(?) that the Traveler is key to the Nines need to be free of their planet life dependence. If the Traveler left, that could have thrown a wrench into their plans. They were willing to risk annihilation of our sun to achieve independence so I would not put imprisonment of the Traveler past them.

Regarding the Nine in this context, I think that it’s very likely they have a hand in the Traveler’s predicament. In the Unveiling book we have what amounts to a discussion with the Winnower, much theorized to definitely be the Darkness itself. It has a real personality, a pervasive wit, and a capacity for intelligent discussion. The Nine are clearly capable of excercising their will on others and influencing choices/events. It stands to reason, I feel, that they may be part of the same strange natural order as the Gardener and Winnower, a product of those two divine forces acting on the material universe. The Winnower/Darkness has clearly been trying to tempt us in one way or another. The Nine may have chosen the side they felt gave them the best chances of survival long ago, and slowly shifted to observing and influencing rather than direct action against one or the other.

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I´m wandering about this new nine’s info:

In Shadowkeep end, Darkness spoke that they aren’t our enemy. They are our Savior. They are attending our call for help. If this call was for the traveller?, not for us.

If some force or someone is imprisoning the Traveller(gardener), broken that game we learn in the book unveiling.
The Speakers knew that traveller will leave one day and we believe he choose stay with us. Maybe he didn´t choose and he calls the darkness to free him? Not from us, but the nine or Red legion maybe?

I have another teory, The Traveller call was misunderstood by darkness. When he emits his super pulse he was imprisioned by Ghaul. The pulse could be some sort call for help?

I always thought of that pulse of Light to be the result of the Traveler waking up and retaliating against the Cabal. I suppose it could be a call, but who would answer it?

The other travelers? Or other agents of the light, and the darkness intercepted it, trying to convince us that they are here to help.


I had a thought, I wonder if the sections which are bracketed by || on either side || are a secondary message that might (spinfoil safety hats on) be actually words directly from the Traveler?

[I am new to the community, and have not read everything that has been posted, so I may have missed it if this has already been brought up. Please do let me know if it has.]

Sounds immediately crazy, I know, but hear me out. I am going to try to explain my rationale without going full Charlie.

In this lorebook, we are given to understand that the previous Speakers (those in the direct lineage of our own fallen Bill Nighy, and others which may or may not have been leading small groups of humanity across the planet) were “spoken” to in the form of pseudo-prophetic lucid dreams. We, pre-Collapse humans with access to the whole of unbroken human cultural record, know that in various religious and cultural traditions notional prophets have been seen to not only have visions and messages which they were fully aware of, but in some cases (can’t remember a specific example offhand) ones they were NOT aware of as well. Possibly as a kind of psychic leakage.

I have looked a bit, but haven’t strung them all together yet, is it possible that there is a message in these messages, one we are overlooking. We know the Traveler woke (to some degree) when it broke free from Ghaul’s prison, is it possible that it is trying to communicate?

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You are correct, as far as my opinion counts, about the words in Brackets being from the Traveler. I do not think, however, that they come from our current Traveler, but rather from the Traveler right before the Collapse and shortly after.


I think this line kind of says it all in both context and time.

"Something terrible is going to happen.

In this dream, a horrible, brutal hand stretches toward you. But this is not the old enemy you know, it is something new. Something that hopes to use you more than it hopes to destroy you, but it’s willing to settle for either.

The cage is worse than the paralysis of silence. It is worse than the grasping tendrils of dark. It is too tangible. It is too unfamiliar. This is not why you came here. This is not what you deserve.

The fear is enough to make you want to leave."

This entry is clearly spoken by the Traveler before Gaul invaded with the Red Legion. The “hand” is the gigantic arm that grasps the Traveler at the beginning of D2. The “cage” is the actual cage that contains the Traveler in the campaign. So we know that this was post-collapse, pre-red war and that the Traveler was communicating with the Speaker. Now when we woke the Traveler, we have an example that it can speak to us directly when we unlocked our new subclass tree abilities on IO (Visions of Light Quest) I think this is a direct result of the Traveler being “Awake”. Previously the Traveler could only talk to the Speaker, I believe now, it can speak to Guardians directly.


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