Solstice of Heroes - Ikora's Speech

Name: Solstice of Heroes: Reflect on the Past
Recorded: 2018.08.02


++ The Last City, Earth

** Guardian walks towards Ikora.

Ikora: Do you remember this day, my friend? It was to be a commemoration of our past victories. A celebration of us Guardians. But while you were thousands of miles away… the Red Legion struck. They took everything from us. Our Light… our friends… our home. The memory is never far from my mind.
Ikora: But even inside our memories, we must always be ready for what is next - and so, the time has come again for you to journey into your past. What challenges you there will be different from what you remember. Rise to this new challenge, and even greater glory will be yours.


Thanks for posting this @Volts42!

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Maybe you could add that the Guardian interacts with the statue in the Tower and then is transported to the City. I think its one of Ikora’s meditations as its only a memory of the place.

I was going to put that in, but I realised I didn’t have that in the clip. Should I put it in anyway?

I think you only need to record dialogue. Go ahead and add the text though.

I added the text. Is that good?

Looks good to me :+1:

Thank you for the suggestion Benag. In this case, since the dialogue for the transcript is from only when you’re in the Last City, we don’t need a description of how the guardian got from the Tower to the Last City.

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Created Solstice of Heroes: Reflect on the Past based on this post.

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