Some Lore for one of my guardians

this is a custom made lore entry for one of my guardians (guardian story currently not written) hope everyone enjoys the lore!

Two people struggle to climb up a snow covered mountain. The sky is both white and red while the snow itself has blood in it at some places. After a day of struggling up the mountain one of the people reach down and feel under the snow with their hand and feels something odd. Whats under the snow wasn’t jagged rock but something smooth “any idea what is under this snow?” He asks the other person “nah, do you? If you don’t just scoop up a piece of the ground and check what is under the snow” the other says. The first one then scoops up a piece of the ground and almost stumbles off the mountain side because the ground they were standing on he found out was all made of bone. “Who’s mountain is this again?” The other asks trembling because of what he’s standing on. “I don’t remember but I know this mountain is the place of one of the largest massacres in history” he replies. “Are ya sure it wasn’t a genocide with the millions of bodies it would take to make a mountain of bones that goes up this high?” The other one says. They continue up the mountain until they reach the top which to their surprise and horror is a plateau that has a throne made of both vex tech and bones. The man sitting on the throne stands up. He seems to be a strong vex mind, he has the height and proportions of a 7’0 human guardian but he’s obviously vex. In his right hand is a large sword made of vex parts and it’s drenched in human blood. His head had one large eye in the middle just like any other vex. However he wore a cape that was interesting and unnatural because it was transparent blue making it look like it was made of constantly flowing intelligence. The two men walk up to the vex and both at the same time say “excuse us but who are you?”. The vex replies with “I am Reksis, The Zealot of the Looking Glass”. The vex then proceeds to cut down the two men where they stand.