Sparrow Horn Easter Eggs

Greetings guardians! I wanted to share with you something funny I figured out about the Cadence and Clarion Sparrow horns.

To refresh your memory, here are the sounds the Cadence and Clarion horns make, respectively: Upon hearing these horns for the first time at the Eververse kiosk, I thought they sounded familiar, especially when played one after another. I couldn’t figure out where I’d heard them before so I went to bed. The next day I played the Taken King theme (titled Regicide) and it dawned on me where I’d heard the horns before.

Again to refresh your memory, here is the Taken King Theme:

Play the first 12 seconds.

Now listen closely to this:
This is just the Cadence and Clarion horns thrown in some audio editing software, transposed down 3 semitones, and slowed down about 54%. (Technically that’s actually up 9 semitones on the clarion, but it uses the same notes in music going down 3 as it does up 9.)

It sounds like whoever made them really wanted us to charge into battle Oryx blaring them!


That is so awesome! Can’t believe I never noticed the similarity. Great find!

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@DrJazzyBebop Thanks! I’ll be sure to post other music and sound effect finds if I come across any, as it’s one of my specialties.

Also, if anyone was wondering, the notes of the horns before transposition are [E E F F E E], and [E E F F E G] respectively, and after transposition are [C# C# D D C# C#] and [C# C# D D C# E].


Maybe I can try playing this on my trombone later.

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Seriously this is awesome. Well done sir!

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