Speculation on varying subjects

I compiled the subjects that need to be answered or have a serious discussion

the collapse
philosophy of destiny
the exact nature of the traveler
future DLC
the drifter
the shadows
the current state of the politics of the last safe city

I believe the Light is a sort of catalyst that makes Guardians able to use all the elements in Destiny (Arc, Solar, Void)

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well yes but that cant be all whats its for i mean we got entire cities of people on another planet

Well I can safely say that the Drifter is somewhat answerable. He was reborn in the dark ages. He eventually ended up in a human village with the name of Germaine but then a couple of iron lords used the mortal village as a trap for a warlord known as the Red Man. They somewhat succeeded but the village was destroyed as long with its residents with the exception of the Drifter. He then traveled to felwinter peak and opened up a bar. Then some warlords came by and they attacked. But then they were defeated by Lady Efrideet. He then went to lord felwinter and showed the footage of the village, the guilty iron lords, and his ghost. Some time later he met The Emissary (before she was under the control of the Nine) and he befriended her under the name of Eli. He wanted to know more about the Nine who she was researching. She eventually told him everything he wanted to know. Some time later she realized that Eli isn’t even his real name and that he probably isn’t who he says he is. She leaves off to find the Nine. Anyway that was what was going on with the Drifter in the Dark Ages.

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well i mean he is still pretty mysterious, yes? so i think there is more that meets the eye to him thats why i put him on the list

Lol, the first sentence made you sound like Variks… as for me, I believe the Traveler has an air of evil to it tbh…

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yes but we do not know much about it some fear what they do not understand

he actually used the alias of Wu Ming with Orin (guardian emissary)

yes but he did it just shows how far he will go lying to an ally

mostly because he doesn’t trust anyone (except player character) since the ‘Red Man’ incident

p.s. i think the Drifter has feelings for Orin because of the new lore entries and the nine cutscene that played for us last visit

Question, is Orin a he or she? And personally, I wonder how the Light works too. Because like… there has to be some logic or physics tithed to real world physics with this. Because… jeez.

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She is the emissary of the nine

Orin is a female person.

(possible misinformation)

  1. the vex are a radiolaria based life-form that came into the world when Crota, A member of the hive race opened a wound in reality
  2. the collapse was an extinction level event that signifies the day the “darkness” or “the deep” attacked the world
  3. the light is a paracausual force commanded by the traveler (a Giant Space Orb that the darkness is chasing)
  4. the darkness or the deep are a paracasual force commanded/used(i dont know) by the worm gods (giant space parasites) opposes the traveler
  5. ghosts are the “enlisters” of the traveler here to enlist super solders for the traveler
    finish the rest later
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“Enlist” is a kind way of saying “pulling from wherever they went after they died and thrusting them into a truamatic world of pain and suffering with no knowledge of who they are and are told that they exist to kill and be killed.” Cynical statements aside, technically the Vex didn’t come into existence from the portal, that’s just how they came into this reality or universe or even dimension (we don’t really know where they came from). The world of Destiny is quite interesting in the sense of, most important plot points are kinda unexplained (whether that’s a design choice or Bungie’s just lazy is up for debate) so it’s interesting to slowly put the pieces together and figure out what’s really going on.

Personally, I believe not all of the Darkness is truly evil, they have just been marked as such because they are doing things we don’t like. Races like the Fallen (just want the Traveler back) and Cabal (were just mining before humanity and the Vex interrupted). I dunno, just my personal opinion.

hmm, all cynical statements aside I meant that they came into “our” world through the portal, 2. I agree 3. I never said the darkness was evil, just that it opposed the traveler

While I do believe that most of that is correct, I don’t think that the Worm Gods are the ones commanding the darkness/ the Deep. I believe that they themselves are in fact serving One. The Formless One. As it says in the Lore Card “Grasp of Eir”(https://www.ishtar-collective.net/items/grasp-of-eir?highlight=formless+one) “At the beginning, they stood in thrall of the Formless One, and they offered themselves to its depth.” (Sorry if there is a better way to do this, I’m just trying to get this working)

While you are not wrong, it’s heavily implied (and I feel like the Speaker out right said it). But yes it doesn’t mean they’re evil, it just means they oppose the Traveler. But it’s heavily (and I mean HEAVILY) implied.

indeed mate, I have oft tried to look at both sides and saw startling similarity

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Yeah. It’s a bit of a “hmmm???” Thing, you are like “oh dark and light, polar opposites man” but then you look here and it’s like “Hold up. These are reallllyyy similar…”

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