[SPOILERS] D1 Raid exotics returning

Now that it’s back, is it too much to hope for the other raid exotics to come back?

maybe, likely not though

Would you mind putting changing the name of your topic because some people might not want to know what exotic returns and don’t want to get it spoiled. For now, I’ll put a spoiler warning and change it to raid exotics returning okay? You can change it to something else, I’m just making a temporary edit.

Next thing you know we have to solve a Niobe’s Torment level puzzles and get No Time To Explain.

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I would like Fatebringer back even if it has to be an exotic and the vex mythoclast

Oh HELL yes. They already brought the Spindle back, I wanna see Gjally too!

PC boys and girls need to know the feels of the good ol G-horn.

Yep, also Gjallerhorn if it comes back better have 2 shots in the mag not this one shot BS with D2 rockets

For one GJallerhorn is not the best it instead that one that has napalm shoot out of with the WW2 shark thing on it

The Dragon’s Breath?

yes that’s the one, the best launcher in the game

Yes it is 20 characters