*SPOILERS* Discussion about end of Season of the Splicers

Use this to discuss lore cards revealing the end of season of the splicer

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Well then, no need to hold back then…

We kill Quria, Eliksni and Humanity live in peace (at least for now), and Osiris has “disappeared”

Any major points that I missed?

Well, either way, I got an idea that I’ve been chewing on and want to share. Doesn’t these events remind you, or anyone, of one page of Truth to Power? The one with the Medusa AI and the “complete Shattered Throne at light level 999” thing?

Namely, the state of the Last City currently appear to somewhat match the appearance of the Last City in that page. Then there’s the carrying of an Exo body (though not Medusa, but lets roll with it).

I agree that it is very similar, and I wonder if we are going to see this ‘Medusa’ when we fight and kill Quira

Indeed. From what we see in the database as of right now, no. But Bungie could pull a fast one and actually include Medusa. But, as of right now, Lakshmi is the closest thing we got.