[Spoilers] [Eris Morn related] Asher Mir : The Vex Guardian

Who is he? Did he knew Toland, Kabr, Osiris? Having that arm of his, conversed in Vex tech, does it mean he’s the man when it comes to Vex lore? Should all Warlocks focus their attention on this guy for rep gains, in hopes of getting weapons, armor and such, fit for the class? So many questions so little time :triumph:

What’s this about his arm? I never noticed that. But if it is actually Vex, he either is the genius he is or met up with Osiris in his exile or before at one point.

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I’m planing in focus my time on Io,and getting my rep up with him.And yes he said he lost its arm when tampering with a vex contraption.There is a grimoire card unlocked in the Age Of Triumph ( which i didn’t obtain,sadly) which refers to him :

On a side note,theres this:

Eris Morn visits an awoken guardian named Asher Mir in a medical bay in the Tower. So, Asher Mir, the kindred spirit of Eris Morn( ?? ), is basically unconscious in a tower med bay, infected by the Vex, and his ghost has also been converted, illustrated by it’s red, staring eye. The card ends with Eris saying that she needs to leave the tower. So, Eris leaves the Tower, I presume to pursue other Hive threats such as Oryx’s sisters. She also refers to Asher Mir as a Gensym Scribe. Gensym Scribe has only one other mention in the lore, and that is in the description of a warlock bond called Harlequin Pendulum.

He presents as the crazy scientists and it is hard to tell whether this was his previous cantankerous self or an effect of the Vex cells. Just remember back to how Kabr from the Vault of Glass describes the Vex cells in his blood and brain, and the Vault of Glass raid armour that speaks about the dangers of Vex cells, most famously the Grips of the Hezen Lords which reads,


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I think Asher is just a researcher. We have no evidence for him being a Guardian that I know of. In fact, he seems to not really like the methods of Guardians.

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Asher was definitely a Guardian at some point, though we don’t really know if he still ‘counts.’ He has a Ghost:

A small transplex window sat in one wall of the room. Hovering there, eerily still, was a Ghost. Its single eye reflected against the inside of the window, a steady red glow.

Additionally, Eris refers to him as a Warlock. Strike transcripts aren’t up, unfortunately, but during The Pyramidion some of the alternate dialogue has Asher discussing his strike team. However, he may be like Eris in that he can’t revive or resurrect any more.


Not to mention in one adventure on Nessus our ghost refers to Asher’s ghost not wanting to talk about its encounter with the vex.

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I’m thinking that Asher is correct but the Vex have changed the landscape as they often do.

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