SPOILERS. Fall expansion questions

After seeing what going to happen in Shadowkeep, I couldn’t help but notice the SIVA-fied Hive, and old raid and strike bosses from D1. Does SIVA really have the power to bring things back to life, even after we weakened it in RoI?

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There’s nothing that would indicate that SIVA has ever had the power to bring things back to life.

I can’t explain SIVA-fied Hive (although I don’t remember seeing them myself) but I think the resurrection of former enemies is caused by something else — not SIVA.

SIVA was able to use the bodies of the Iron Lords, but it cannot bring things back to life. Unless you could say Taniks was brought back due to SIVA, but it could be possible he was just used as a husk for SIVA being operated by the Fallen.
SIVA-fied Hive hasn’t been made. Although the Ogre in the one strike could be considered one, I doubt it, as it was merely like a Worm without it’s ends. It still lived, just wasn’t as useful as before.

As for the Red Hive, that is simply how the Brood identifies itself. As seen on the Moon, the Hive there have Red Chitin or Red Markings. So while yes, the colors are similar, it isn’t SIVA.

The Nightmares, on the other hand, were caused by Eris, how? We don’t know. But it might have something to do with the Red Citadel, and whatever the hell is in the Hellmouth, or The Dark Below (in terms of location and a Pun.).

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