(Spoilers) How is the Drifter Feeling right now?

ok so people that have played Joker’s Wild and were involved with the various challenges and such. How do you think the Drifter is feeling right now?

I think he is utterly terrified.

Drifter ATM:

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Hungry, probably.

Jokes aside, I think he may have seen something like this coming. We still do not know what he uses the motes for but they seem to be a weapon of some sort. He may even feel validated by the Darkness’ avatars on the Pyramid as he proclaims that guardians should not rely solely on the light.

I think that he will be gone within the week. He’s probably just busy loading all of his stuff into the Direct to haul tail into the next galaxy.


me sitting here having only bought the jerky for my boi and got consumed in the lunas howl quest before I could do anything else

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