[Spoilers] Possible Return Of SIVA

So right now there is currently an unknown exotic quest going on right now (This is most likely for the fabled Outbreak Prime since dataminers found it’s catalyst). To start it you have to go to Titan to find a fallen transponder. So this is again the Fallen, but This could lead to a new expansion in which “Dusk Splicers” are trying to find SIVA. Destiny 2 has made many references to the nano machine and Failsafe even has a cache. This expansion could be about how the Fallen are trying to plunder these Exodus ships (and possibly the Cosmodrome).
Edit: Okay so Now after watching the mission on stream and reading the lore of Outbreak Perfected it is clear now that Eramis, the Shipstealer is not reuniting the House of Devils but the Devil Splicers. She is after the SIVA in the Last City which is why she sent her crew and why mithrax is trying to stop her. I am now theorizing that her crew will go to the Exodus Black, plunder it’s SIVA cache, then go to other colony ships to plunder those (again we might also see the return of the cosmodrome)

I realise I said this in response to your other post but it bears repeating here. Please add a spoiler warning/tag to your post. The quest became available just today and not everyone knows about it yet. There are people who don’t want to get spoiled about the quest until they’ve had a chance to do it themselves.