[SPOILERS] Savathûn’s Death Battery

Here is the lore page with it:

Yeah I know I know. But I mean like. A non-Dregden Guardian.

Oh. Then I don’t know. I’ll see if I can find anything.

Okay. I am probably just wrong…

Okay. Now I have looked up Sol in the Ishtar collective and literally have read every single entry that came up, and the only name with Sol was Callum Sol, or the Sol system, or anything with solar in it.

Yeah. Look at my dumbass trying to do something. Still… I could’ve sworn I saw one…

I thought there was one too, but apparently not.

Probably one of the retconned lore bits.

What is retconned lore?

Lore that got yeeted into non-canon.

Do you mean lore that got removed? Or lore considered inaccurate?

It means Bungie said that this lore no longer applies (which if I am correct is about all of the D1 lore)

Oh ok. Thanks for the explanation.

So yes Bungie did say that the D1 lore was not 100% accurate but that doesn’t make it non-canon. If I remember correctly Bungie said that the Grimoire was from the narrators perspective (narrator as in the person speaking in whichever Grimoire card) and thus was subject to bias and slight imperfections. This however does not render them useless because much of them are recordings which obviously aren’t going to be biased and the ones that are stories told by a person can give small bits of information on the actual events and the view point of the speaker if cross referenced with other lore.

Apologies Fruit. I heard “retcon” from someone and thought “So they’re all non-canon now… huh?” and was a tad bit angory because (despite the annoying design) the lore was great though I wish there was more on Twilight Gap (because I am kinda making a novel on the topic and I want it to be more canon lore than interpretation.)