[SPOILERS] Savathûn’s Death Battery

So recently My Name is Byf made a video about the Dreaming City and its three-week curse cycle. (I’ll link the video shortly) So he talks about Savathûn having a Death Battery to satisfy her Worm, which is the curse on the Dreaming City. So in order to break this curse, we would have to kill Savathûn, since we can’t leave City and ditch our relations with the Awoken. So does this mean that Savathûn and maybe even Xivu Arath are confirmed?

it is blatantly obvious they are. seriously like it’s going to happen

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Except it seems Savathun has made a new form of logic. The failure to understand her and what she’s doing. The time loop created by Quaria can only likely be stopped by killing Quaria. I wonder if Osiris will step in at some point since he’s the vex expert and has knowledge of the books of sorrow…

I still wonder if the Medusa cards are the part of Quaria that retains will as Oryx left some of her will intact.

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I assume so, and maybe the Curse of the Dreaming City might even bring back Eris Morn?

Petra mentions they have tried contacting Eris Morn herself. But i would say since Quaria is involved we could use one of our vex people Asher or Osiris.

here’s the thing Quaria know hive sword logic and is a form of a sentient vex so we would need hive and vex experts for this one

Eris and Osiris joint work? Where do I sign up?!

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Wait guys, what about Toland? We know he is an expert on Hive and would probably help us kill Savathun cause he would want to get us to do Sword Logic stuff.

Isn’t he like… basically dead?

he could help us with is knowledge, I mean we still talk to him in the ascendant challenges. (kinda)

Toland x Osiris. Even better! Now if only Sol could join… (correct me if I am wrong) he is part of the Vex Network (right?)

Isn’t Sol a worm god? Or am I remembering something wrong?

Xol is the Worm god. Sol is a guardian I think.

Ah right. Are you talking about Callum Sol? I think that’s his name. The guy that got golden gunned into a rock?

No, that one guy who assimilated into the Vex Network by soaking in a pool of radiolaria I think.

i think you are talking about Kabr but he drank radiolaria

I swear I remembered a “Sol” from somewhere…

Sol isn’t a worm god, but @Jubi you could be thinking of Sol Pariah 6 (A gun), the Sol Progeny (The bosses in the Black Garden), or Hammers of Sol (the super)?

But I thought there was a character with that name…

Same. I’m pretty sure one of the Dredgens’ name is Callum Sol.