Stories in the works; Tales of the Lost Light

I’m writing 5 collective stories that will take place in Bungie’s Destiny universe. These stories will tell of the rise and fall of guardians though the ages, some predating the destruction of the Vex Heart, and after the coming of Ghaul and the Red Legion.

“From Our Light”
“What is Mine”
“Life Beyond”
“Buried in Sand”
“Lost in the Deep”

(Message about your curiosities and questions as well as if you’d like updates and story notes)

How much have you written of these stories so far and when do you plan to finish writing them by?

I’ve already started each of them the ones that will be finished first are; “Buried in the Sand” and “From our Light”. Which are the ones I’m most passionate about. If you’d like for me to post what I have so far…just ask. I’d appreciate the feedback.

Yes, I think it would be nice to see what you’ve done. Just out of curiosity, is this your first writing project?

These are the first stories I’ve written taking place int the destiny universe. And these are a bit more ambishious. The concepts arose around the time of the fist trailer for destiny 2, but I’ve only just started actually writing them over the last three months.