Story Exotic (Epiales's Hand Cannon)

Here is the exotic from my story, sorry it took so long to get out, working on getting the chapters in good reading condition is time consuming, anyways here is is.

Name:Ο Θεός των εφιάλτων (This is Greek, seeing how Epiales is a Greek god)
Weapon Type:Hand Cannon (Void)
Archetype: Adaptive Frame


Reload Speed:60
Mag Size:18

Hidden Stats:
Aim Assist:69
Recoil Direction:40
Weapon Size:58

Intrinsic:Your Nightmare, Reborn:(PvP)Precision shots stuns enemy for 3 seconds and inflicts poison.(PvE)Precision shots stuns enemy for 5 seconds and inflicts poison. Perk can reactivate after 10 seconds.
Perk 1:Outlaw:Precision kills with this weapon greatly decrease reload time.
Perk 2:Extended Mag: Adds more rounds to the mag and slightly increases stability.
Trait:Feed From Fear: When an enemy is affected by the Intrinsic perk, you gain health and an small overshield.

Lore: Cayde had this gun made, he believed in a certain Guardian and his path, thought he might be able to succeed him, when he handed that Guardian the gun, he saw the light in his eyes, a light of hope, of leadership…and he hopes it shines brighter than the rest.

Any special perks? 20 characters

i forgot em, its done now.

Nice perks boi 20 characters

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Ο Θεός των εφιάλτων = The God of Nightmares

Yep, Epiales is the Greek god of nightmares

Yes I do my research

Nice, it’s funny that you’re the only one replying though

Well maybe people haven’t seen it yet, it was the weekend when you posted it

Sorry for not replying sooner, life’s been kind of hectic. This is gonna be a long one so strap yourself in and get ready for every question/critique I have.

The one thing that stands out to me about the hand cannon itself is the RPM. 225 is not something that we’ve seen before (to my knowledge at least) in a hand cannon, and I’m not sure how that would impact the game. The perks seem pretty balanced, with the exception of two things. One of these is how frequently you can get the intrinsic perk up and, in the hands of a good player, this thing would be a beast. A question I have for that is, would it stack? Could you get like 10 seconds of continuous stun or would it just be the three seconds then you have to shoot again to get it back? The other major thing on my list goes along with the previously mentioned idea. The trait seems kind of OP. Every headshot gives you health and an overshield. With those perks, it’s almost like taking Crimson, shoving parts of OEM into it, and seeing what happens.

Now that I’ve gotten those concerns out of the way, I really like the way you toned down the perk for PvP, it’s a nice touch, and it does seem a bit more balanced than Recluse and OEM when they were released, so, you have that going for you. Overall I think this is a great idea, and don’t get me wrong, I really do like it, I’m being long-winded with my critiques because I want this to be as good as possible. Keep up the great ideas

1.We have seen a 225 RPM hand cannon, The Last Word. comes back 10 seconds after you use it
3.its not stackable
and thx

Thanks for adressing all of my concerns, and man does it feel bad to not think about one of the most iconic guns in all of Destiny. All of those make a great gun and I think that it woul be great in the game. Great job on this!

(go to end to skip rant)

alrighty while I do love my 225’s (before I start this I wan to mention the two redeeming points, 1. cooldowns, though I think there should be a significantly higher cooldown, 2. if it works like the LW it should buck considerably making it hard to use in console. That aside heres the rant) I cant ever see a stun exotic being anything other than broken, not only that but 3 seconds in the crucible is extremely ample time to get a kill, and not only that but while stunned you cant regen and to stack on top of that your enemy regen and get a bit of over-shield AND TO ADD ON TO IT it kills as fast as LW (or I would assume so) so even if your enemy misses every shot in the three seconds you cant do anything you leave stun weakened with a powerful enemy, and if you retreat he just gets the perk back pretty quickly… I honestly love the idea I just cant see this being fair in crucible

in conclusion I suggest

  1. remove the stun and replace it with a similar mechanic, stuns will almost always be broken in a game like d2
  2. healing every 10 seconds seems a little broken, paired with the stun a good player is nigh unstoppable
  3. if the past two are disregarded at least make it fires super slow to give the stunned people a chance, 3 seconds of immobility is practically a death sentence

So basically it’s last word, the thorn and one eyed mask all in one

Yeah…thats what i aimed for, I based my character off of a nightmare God so why not make his weapon a nightmare?

True, also talking season of dawn I like the kellbreaker finisher’s Name because it is very lore accurate because it’s based off the time that saint-14 killed a kell by headbutting

The community has also been begging to get it once finishers were announced.

This is a really good concept but I can see this being super annoying in PvP, unless it was a special weapon potentially.

Yep, it’s gonna be great to use while using saint-14’s helmet