Strange symbols in Age of Triumph logo

Today I was download all of the new assets that Bungie added for Age of Triumph (we all need our hobbies) and I noticed that the high-quality artwork for AoT has some strange symbols in it.

In the upper-left shield, within the part representing the Vault of Glass, there is a small symbol:

And in the upper-right shield, within the part representing warlocks, there is another small symbol:

Does anyone have any idea what they could represent? Are they intentional…?


That’s interesting,possibly a mistake?
The Upper-Left one looks intentional but I feel like the upper-right one is just lines.

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I’ve seen the upper left one before, but I can’t place it. Could be as undisclosed Easter eggs for Destiny 2…?

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I saw something similar to these in the Omnigul strike. Possibly hive


Could you find a screenshot?

Aha! Now I recall, probably in a Crota-related mission.

I posted on Twitter and there were a few developments. The most important one was this:

The icons appear in the globe used in various places within the game. I tried placing the logo over the image and rotating the image so that the icons would fit:

That’s the closest I could get!

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The one in the VoG space kind of looks like one of the symbols on Invective

Slightly off topic do we know the class of the ships in the bottom left?

Just check kingsfall raid. It’s not there, not on tablets of ruin.

Left to right: Kestrel-class, Phaeton-class, and Regulus-class.


I was able to grab a few admittedly poor images from my Will of Crota strike submissions for the archive.

Could grab better images if I was at home and grab the frames directly from the video, but… yeah. Not the same, but for sure they are the same style.


I think it’s alchemy and electrical symbols mixed together. A clever play between the two to say “Vault of Glass” and showing the Heart of Darkness contained within.

The middle section (minus the T sides) is an alchemical symbol for “glass”.

A solid black circle is one I’ve seen in alchemy for “darkness” or “new moon”.

The side extensions, and line running through the “glass” symbol, could be like T-section, capacitor, or some other electrical symbol on its side. Also, you see a sideways tee as part of electrical symbols as the lines leading power into the outlet.
A triangle is also like a multiple/meshed connection, which makes sense for the vault.


That’s a pretty good catch!

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