Subclass thoughts

thoughts on our powers as guardians:
from my point of view,
i love how bungie has aligned the subclasses more with their respective avatars. if each power represents a original god avatar solar for life/creation, arc for the mind/self, void for the soul/spirit/unknown.
the solar classes all create something now that the “life” has been taken from warlocks and given to their sword.
arc class, the roaming supers of the mind. (my personal problem/favorite lol)
and void the idea of pulling something from the unknown of the void/abyss by the power of your will. or by the power of your will to be able to walk in the void.
the whole transcendence thing in destiny in our own subclasses.
from the creation of life comes the invention of the mind, and from the mind comes will and from the power of your will, the ability to walk in the unknown,
the father, son, and holy spirit boiled down to simpler ideas to fit our beloved game.

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