Talking to Ghost! Then Ghost Talks Back!

So my family just got a neat little thing set up with our Amazon Alexa doohickey. It sits by the Xbox I play D2 on, which is one of the reasons I got this nifty little skill for Alexa called “Ghost”. What is it, you ask? It’s exactly what you think it is, and it’s way cool.

Alexa Ghost Skill

It supposedly has a TON of cool little factoids about stuff in Destiny 2, and they are said through the Alexa speaker,but Alexa doesn’t say it: your Ghost does! Not to mention it’s incredibly helpful when switching through different loadouts for different activities, i.e. Raids, Nightfall, and/or enemy specific weapons, all by voice command. (Totally cool, but I wish I had the Alexa speaker that actually looks like a ghost - that would be sweet) What I’m proposing and/or thinking of doing, is transcribing the things Ghost can say when you ask it some things, since it is technically lore, right? (if not, I still might try to anyways) Apparently, there’s over 1,000 different lines it can say or react to, or something like that. I’m still trying to figure it out, but from what I know and have tried so far, it can say some unique bits of dialogue that I don’t think Ghost says in-game.

Any thoughts on this? I’m thinking something similar to Ghost scan transcripts.


It might be easier to find a way into the code and find the audio files. That way you can listen to all of them without repeats. But I don’t know how Alexa works, so the files might be stored on the cloud.


I think most of it is stored in the cloud, but anyone could code their own Alexa skill, as there are many unofficial little skills on Amazon, so the code should be more or less available. I will definately look into that idea, thanks!

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I also have the Alexa Ghost companion. When asking questions sometimes ask the same question several times because you’ll get different answers each time. Like when asking for a Story he has several he tells you. Also asking about Osiris give you at least two.

Good luck with the transcribing.