The Black Armoury Papers// Project NIOBE

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Been reading a bit through the black armoury papers here and there, however, is it possible for someone to explain to me what project Niobe actually was and how it would’ve “helped humanity” (


I haven’t read a whole lot on season of the forge like everyone else but as far as I know the Niobe project is an extension of the black armory’s weapons they produced during the collapse and those weapons help humanity because it helps humanity defend it’s self

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I got the feeling that P Niobe was an Exo program and, as Shadow said, an extension of The Black Armory meant to be a shield for humanity against things the Traveler could not protect us from. In some of Greek Mythology (notably Athenian), Niobe was a demi-god of exceedingly great arrogance due to her many children. After she mocked a Titan about her lack of children, all of Niobes offspring were killed by the gods and Niobe herself turned to stone. The overarching themes behind Niobe and the tales around her have to do with arrogance and hubris of humankind. Given the attitude you see in the pages you linked, Project Niobe was made to be a shield for humanity when mans hubris overcame their grasp. The statement “[I] can’t believe we were so… right.…and so wrong. To think that we could stop this. To say we were naïve would be an understatement” is a fitting description of the projects foresight and lack of understanding of what might come to pass. Ada-1s exoskeleton/body is a direct result of Project Niobes work.

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