The cabal names in destiny 2 are different than destiny 1

Two names of major cabal in destiny 2 have been revealed. Ghaul is one, as everyone knows he is the cabal emperor and is the main antagonist. The other is calus, the previous emperor that ghaul overthrew. While not much has been revealed about either character, they both have very different names from every other cabal we have seen. They all have names that seem very alien, such as tau’arc and a’ran. I have a theory that Since the cabal are a galaxy spanning empire, the may have different cultures, with cabal we have already seen being one, and the destiny 2 cabal being a different one.


Fascinating, your point about different sub-cultures within the Cabal is really interesting!
However I feel like “Calus” fits in pretty well with the old Cabal names.
(i.e The title “Valus” sounds like “Calus”)