The Cistern, Nessus Radio Transcript

Name: The Cistern, Nessus Radio Transcript
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Recorded: 2018.08.16


++ The Cistern, Nessus

** The Guardian lands in the The Cistern and waits in front of the radio set up at the landing zone.
Emissary of the Nine: I am the door. I open into the void. One day the masters will step forward. And then, you will know.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Devrim: Hm. What about your other pilots?
Holliday: Better than expected, I suppose. Maxon’s crew in the Toronto wastes gave the Legion such a lickin’ they pulled out of the whole region.
Devrim: Music to my ears, Miss Holliday. I’ll pass it along. People could do with a spot of cheer.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Sloane: The radio signal is weak due to the distance and I suspect the Hive are creating interference, but not clearly enough. I will see it done.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Holliday: EDZ Control, this is Holliday. I’ve got a cloaked jump ship 10 klicks northwest. Seeking clearance to land at the resupply from the Mumbasa ruins.
Devrim: Abandon the approach. We have Red Legion scouts on the ground here. Incoming aircraft will compromise resistance operations.
Holliday: Understood. We’ll reroute.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Sloane: This maneuver Zavala’s proposing reminds me of when I was separated from my Ghost at Twilight Gap. He jumped six Vandals to neutralize a Captain with a dagger in my neck. Yeah, that was a bad day.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Holliday: EDZ Control, this is Holliday. I’ve got three pilots circling 15 klicks south by southwest. Seeking clearance to land with about a dozen refugees fresh out of Old Bangkok.
Devrim: Holliday, you’re clear to the southern approach. Old Bangkok, hm?
Holliday: Roger that. Yep. Couple of families. Bunch of kids. Don’t know how they made it so long in that place.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Sloane: I heard a great one the other day: There once was a Thrall who was bursting. For this one Guardian’s light it was thirsting. But she killed a great Knight and the poor Thrall took flight. But really it was just the worst thing. Okay. Maybe it wasn’t so good.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Sloane: Mass executions? No.
Holliday: Yeah. Thumos is rounding up Lightless Guardians. And frankly, he ain’t choosy. His troops are taking civilians when and where they can.
Sloane: What’s our plan for counterattack?
Holliday: Afraid we don’t have one yet.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Hawthorne: I’ve searched the archives for every possible permutation of this Thumos name. Thumos. Thomos. Thermos. I’ve only found transcripts of intercepted transmissions from our old deep spaces satellites. Broadcasts from other systems.
Sloane: We have that kind of intelligence? And we can translate translate it?
Hawthorne: Well, not easily. But with this you don’t need to understand the languages to understand the message.
Sloane: I don’t understand.
Hawthorne: The Red Legion announces themselves. “Hail Thumos. You who are fated to fall.” And then after that its just screaming.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Sloane: Sloane to Holliday. Thanks for lending New Pacific a few of your engineers. They did excellent work.
Holliday: Wow. Excellent, huh? I landed a whole fleet of damaged ships on a methane ocean and all I got was “exceeds expectations.”
Sloane: But Amanda, I have very high expectations for you.
Holliday: Oh. Thanks, Sloane.


I think these radio transmissions are fascinating. They don’t appear in game as subtitles and seemingly occur at random. Also, they reveal a lot of great character moments interactions. Some of the dialogue like the Emissary and Sloane’s weak radio signal were also in my Io radio transcript. I wonder what other lines of dialogue will play at other radios on other locations.

I welcome others to travel to other landing zones and stand in front of a radio to hunt for transmissions. Some places are better than others because of the proximity to enemy spawn points.

I hope these become interesting for other players and create a lot of lore discussion.

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Thanks to you, I was able to show someone on the Discord server the Emissary radio line. Thanks for doing this.

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