The Cormorant Seal in the Destiny 2 trailer

According to the D2 trailer, numerous Titans are wearing the Honour of Cormorant Mark. But my question is, is it the only Mark of its kind? And what link does it have with warlocks?

The only lore I can find regarding Cormorant is for Praxic warlocks, Crota, etc so I genuinely don’t understand why so many were wearing them in the trailer.

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Apologies for this being garbled. I’m writing on a tablet that replaces words with gibberish.

I’m interested in the lore behind the Cormorant Seal, why the Titans have a unique Mark with it, and what the link with Praxic warlocks is. Any help much appreciated!

The Praxic Warlocks are one of the many orders that eschews ontological and physio-philosophical practice entirely and focuses solely on the honing of Light for combat purposes. Eriana-3 was among them. They get along well with Titans for that reason, and I suspect the Cormorant Seal is a pact between the Praxics and the Titan order.


First off, there isnt alot to go on regarding the Cormorant Seal. But from what i gather, the Cormorant Seal is a badge of honor distributed to what seems to be combat proven Guardians. Like Redrenedage says, Eriana-3 was offered the seal. There is a warlock bond called the bond of the twin eagle that is the cormorant seal, and then the Titan sash with the cormorant seal on it. So its not a class specific thing it would seem from this, but instead sort of a badge of honor. Zavala is seen wearing one.

My theory is that this is like a medal of sorts, the cormorant seal represents great service as a Guardian. Guardians wearing the seal are battle tested veterans and its displayed on them as a symbol of a great warrior. I would also theorize that its directed at service for the City, since we dont see any Hunters wearing it at this point.

Hope this somewhat answers your question


You bring up a good point about the Hunters.

With research into item descriptions and grimoire, I came up with these bits of information.

“Those of the Cormorant Seal must prove themselves willing to give their lives to others.”

“The most valiant among the Praxic Warlocks are honored with the Cormorant Seal.”

“Praxic Warlocks honor bravery and service over all else.”

“The Acataleptic Clause claims that we are intrinsically unable to understand the Darkness. In many respects this belief parallels the Praxic Creed, which suggests that we should stop worrying about the nature of the Darkness and focus on resisting and defeating it.” -The Darkness

“Praxic Warlocks don’t hate research. They just don’t let it interfere with the fight.”

It sounds like Praxic Warlocks are the most Titan-like of their kind, in philosophy and combat style. The Cormorant items are named “Cormorant Line” - possibly a formation or strategic landmark?


Thanks for all replies, certainly explaining a lot! I was curious about the prevalence within the trailer itself but I’m thinking now it’s just artistic license (although its certainly an unusual mark which is why I noticed it as its one of my favourites)…