The Exo Stranger

This is a bit of a ramble and a pretty cliche post topic but I felt like it might be worth sharing. I don’t know if y’all have heard the theory that Elsie Bray is the Exo stranger from the destiny vanilla campaign, but with the recent(ish) release of the Warmind campaign and its lore we can basically confirm this theory. For review, Elsie was a genius engineer for Clovis Bray and went missing years ago, but no one knew why. With the Warmind we are also given “lost memory fragments” which talk about what Elsie was doing days before what she calls the “divergence”, which coincidentally was the same day she disappeared. Hmmm. In the lore tab for twelve days before this “divergence” she actually asks if using vex tech, she could travel through time using different but similar worldlines, and Bungie could have left it there, but instead they keep going. She continues to speak and also asks if she can use that tech to manipulate the worldlines and eventually alter the original. This idea of going in and out of different timelines and realities to alter them for the future fits in with the strangers rifle, a ship called the shadow trespass, which I’ll talk about later, and the exo strangers’ understandable goal in general. The divergence that she speaks of in the lost memories is her set time to get this all started, but there’s a different, understood divergence that both the exo stranger and Elsie are trying to reverse… The Collapse and the darkness’s arrival in the first place. This would also mean that her command to destroy the heart of the black garden was just one of her shots in the dark to reverse what happens in her original timeline. As verification, ELSIE BRAY, and no one else designed a ship along time ago in the golden age. What’s special about this ship, “the shadow trespass” is that it has sensors that keep it off radars. A strange thing to add in a time of such peace, unless you know war is approaching, and sure it could just be taken as precaution or even paranoia but with all these other details, it seems very unlikely.

Anyways thanks for listening to my little ramble and I’m sure many of you have heard this theory, but I’m new to the Ishtar Collective and the commons so feel free to show me or prove me wrong, I’d appreciate it.


When you use the word “worldline/s” to what are you referring? I have seen the word used in reference to simulations and vex collective establishments across what may loosely be referred to as timelines. Is that how you are using it?

I think he’s using it in reference to the Worldline Zero weapon quest, which most theories pin as the defining link as Elsie being the Stranger.

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I guess I was trying to find out how OP is using it to describe Elsies actions as the Exo and how it appears she can time travel.

My guess is that Elsie is just a projection made by Atheon to lead us to destruction of The Black Garden because it’s heart corrupted vex

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