The Exo Stranger's/Elsie Bray's Objective, and the theory of World Lines

So I haven’t actually managed to play the Warmind DLC yet, but I have already heard about many of the weapons, such as the Worldline Zero, and the fact that Elsie Bray has been confirmed to be the Exo Stranger.

However, while looking at this, it reminded me of an old type of time line theory that I originally discovered in an anime, Steins;Gate. This theory of time is aptly named the “World Line Theory”.

The theory goes as follows:

Time isn’t like a solid line like we usually think. It is actually a massive web, with multiple branches, or world lines, all extending to different futures. The points where these world lines split are known as “divergence points”, and come about when a massive event occurs that has a massive effect on the time lines as a whole. For example, let us take the common thing people always ask: What would happen when we go back and killed Hitler?

In this situation, we would create a divergence point, and two different world lines would be made: one where we did kill Hitler, and he is now dead, and another where Hitler is still alive, or the original world line. All people would then move to the new world line, ie the world line where we killed Hitler. All memories of the previous world line would be erased, and replaced with memories from the new world line. A world line would still exist where Hitler is still alive, but it would not be our current world line.

If we transfer this theory of world lines over to the universe of Destiny, there are things that can now be explained. For example, how the Oracles in the Vault of Glass are capable of wiping people from existence. If we use the theory of world lines from before, what the Oracles may do is actually take the Guardian while they are outside of time, and then move the entire world line to a point where Praedyth never existed. All memories would be erased, and replaced with memories from the new world line. It then seems as though they have simply wiped the Guardian from existence.

Now comes the theory of Elsie Bray. We know in some of her memory fragments we find on Mars that she is slowly reaching a “divergence”. This could relate to a major event in the history of Destiny, perhaps even the Collapse. So this could be the point where two timelines diverge, one leading to World Line 1, where the collapse succeeds and we are brought to where we are today, and World Line 0, where the Collapse was stopped and the Golden Age continued. This could be the timeline Elsie wishes to bring us to.

So the objective of Elsie could simply be to look through the world lines, travelling through all of them, until she finds a certain point where we can achieve another World Line 0.

Its long winded and really weird, but I hope people understand what I am trying to say. Do feel free to correct me or refer me to current Warmind lore that I have missed.


From the “Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 4” Grimiore card: “You stand here now and now and now many times and here I am awonder, all awonder, how you manage it. How do you step forward. How do you step back. Do you step ACROSS is there a world of worlds, a web, and you a spider upon it. Are you searching for that one thread you need? Is that thread named victory?”

It specifically mentions a web, so you may be on to something.

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