The Fate of Felwinter Peak

I, alas, have been too busy to mess around with the recent Iron Banner, so I’m wondering if anyone knows what happened to Felwinter Peak during the Red War. Maybe Saladin says something?

My current knowledge:

-Somehow, a de-powered Tyra Karn made her way to the Farm. Last we saw of her before this, she was at Felwinter.

-Saladin is not dead. He’s not hanging out at the Tower all the time, either.

-Vostok Obsevatory, the area opened up by use of an Isenfyre token at Felwinter Peak, has now been turned into a Crucible site.

So did the Red Legion attack the Iron Temple? We know the site was a rally point for Guardians, though we don’t know how big a rallying point it was in lore. If the Red Legion did take it, the Redjacks must have secured the site. Considering the typical insanity of the Redjacks’ use of resources, it’s certainly possible. Considering Saladin’s emotional attachment to the Iron Temple, though, it doesn’t seem like he’d let it slide into disrepair and disuse.

Could it have been used as a rally point for Guardians after the assault? I would guess all the survivors (hi guys!) would be cast to the four winds. I would not be surprised if some made it to the Reef, whatever it was that happened to the Awoken.

Just some wonderings.


These are all very good points, maybe the writers overlooked it?
However, Efrideet is nowhere to be found and (As far as I know) hasn’t been mentioned by Saladin.

Tyra’s introduction in D2 places her in the City at the time of the attack, rather than the Peak:

Tyra escaped the City and found refuge in this camp as well.

And, according to flavor text, Shiro’s kicking around, though we don’t know if he was outside the Temple at the time of the attack:

“The old debts don’t matter anymore. We’ve got a bigger score to settle.” —Shiro-4

Other than that, though, there’s no real explanation of what happened to the Temple. Judging by Vostok, at least some of the Temple is still standing, and there doesn’t seem to be any remnants of the Red Legion like there are on other Crucible maps.


Shiro was likely reassigned after the Shiva crisis. He’s Cayde’s right hand, after all.

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Hopefully this will be adressed in the Rasputin DLC at the latest.

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It wouldn’t be surprising, given all that’s happened with the House of Dusk and Shiro’s knowledge of the Fallen. Maybe he’ll show up whenever the Fallen DLC makes an appearance, or maybe as a world vendor before that.