The Fate of Jagi's Host

This quote from Ghost Fragment: Titan could have a hint as to what happened to Jagi’s Host.

“Good. That Ghost - what do you think is wrong with it? It’s echoing something ancient, an Old Earth language. You know what that Ghost reminds me of, flitting about over there?
/ I don’t.
/ The time Ghosts from Jagi’s Host came back without them. Remember - they got in that fight at some point east of the Caspian? Seven Ghosts, damn near silent, buzzing with some sort of corruption. Drifting back to the Tower, one by one. Scared the Speaker well enough.”

That’s Holborn talking to his XO, Tubach. The Ghost they’re talking about showed up while they’re in a mission to find Mars’s warmind, Charlemagne. Presumably this predates the Flayers strike.

If the ghosts of Jagi’s Host were “buzzing with corruption” and missing their Guardians, after entering an area nearby the Caspian Sea, could it have been the Plaguelands and these Ghosts be infected with SIVA?

Saladin said he did not believe one with the Traveler’s gift could die until SIVA took his fellow Lords. This means that 1) He obviously never found out about Felwinter killing Citan, and 2) SIVA somehow neutralized the ability of the Lords’ Ghosts to resurrect them. By corrupting the Ghosts with SIVA? Could be.

That was when SIVA was solely under Rasputins control. The Ghost Holborn encounters on Mars is behaving oddly and speaking an “Old Earth” language. If we assume that this is Russian, then the Ghost could be under Rasputin’s control. It makes sense that he would want a presence on Mars while Guardians are searching for its warmind.

Something about the ending of the grimoire card - “Dust Palace. All quiet.” - seems kind of ominous to me. What happened to Holborn’s Host, out there alone with Rasputin?


If we assume that Rasputin can give new orders to SIVA and that Rasputin has connections to mars then it could be a possibility. If we knew if Rasputin had a way to connect to mars before the last array then we would have a better understanding of Rasputin’s role in events and his connection SIVA

You raise a good point about the Array, but I think Rasputin took control of the other Warminds immediately after he detected the Darkness. The events of the story mission were just a way for him to reconnect after going into hiding.

Also, what is this Kekistani you speak of? Is it some kind of inside joke?

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Source for Rasputin taking control of the other warmind just prior to the Collapse:

Ghost Fragment: Darkness
"Source blueshift suggests IMMINENT SOLAR ENTRY.

Promote event to SKYSHOCK: OCP: EXTINCTION. Activate VOLUSPA. Activate YUGA. Cauterize public sources to SECURE ISIS and harden for defensive action.

I am invoking CARRHAE WHITE and assuming control of solar defenses."

Carrhae White is the protocol to link the warminds to one processing AI. For more on the warmind subroutines, watch MyelinGames’s video on Sleeper Stimulant.

Ghost Fragment: Mysteries
"I bear an old name. It cannot be killed. They were my brothers and sisters and their names were immortal too but Titanomachy came and now those names live in me alone I think and think is what I do. I AM ALONE."

As Ghost_Dante has pointed out, Titanomachy is how Rasputin often refers the Collapse and/or Darkness. His brothers and sisters are the warminds, and their names living in him alone suggests that he has command of their networks.

I find it highly unlikely SIVA and Rasputin could take control of Ghost’s systems like that. Ghost Fragment: Ghosts 2 has an example where a Ghost’s Light burns away the SIVA. Unless it was the shell of a Ghost, but then Holborn and Tubach would have seen something was off; instead they just disregard it casually.

This happened after the Iron Lords were long gone too. This is Vanguard and later City Age we’re talking about here. Holborn and his Host may have gone to Mars not long before the start of Destiny. Rasputin was also dormant on Earth with no way of reconnecting to the rest of the system until the Guardian reawoke him in The Last Array – then he goes and orbital blasts the Cabal and Vex from SPEHSS.

I’ve always taken the ending to mean that there’s no Cabal or Vex there to cause disturbance, allowing for Holborn’s Host to slip by without undue engagement. Remember, this is before Rasputin broke the Exclusion Zone’s defenses and allowed Guardians to go there en mass. The Host would have to be stealthy.

I actually think Holborn was active on Mars before the Guardian rediscovered Rasputin, and here’s why.

Ghost Fragment: Rasputin has Cayde talking about looking for Rasputin wjth the Vanguard, and in it he says

“One day I ask Ikora, hey, of course I know all about Rasputin, but really, what are we looking for? When Rahool asks for crashed warsats, when we send Holborn to Mars to look for computers, when Zavala gets all gruff about the Fallen in the Cosmodrome—what are we really after? If I left my post and got my ship and just went out there tomorrow, real heroic, and I found Rasputin, what would happen?”

So it’s clear they don’t know where Rasputin is yet and Cayde is talking about sending Holborn to Mars to look for Charlemagne.

I said before the start of Destiny, as in before Ghost wakes the Guardian.

Was I wrong in thinking you meant it wasn’t before the start? Just confused.

Also I’m not sure the Ghost in question was successful.

“I was beneath the Blind Watch for a while. A long ~SIVA.MEM.GH404~ while. It was fun! There were puzzles. No one was alive down there, though.”

Cassiopeia’s scan of the new Ghost returned nothing amiss. “Are you okay, friend?”

“I’m great! Something got in me but the Light ~if (LIGHT) then WARNING~ burned it away. It’s gone forever, now! ~consume: FAILURE replicate:FAILURE enhance:FAILURE~”

I’m pretty sure this is meant to be dramatic irony, because the Ghost thinks he’s free from SIVA but it’s affecting his speech patterns and making him behave oddly enough for the other Ghosts to be nervous.

As for Holborn and the others not investigating further… they’re Titans? I don’t know, you make a good point there.

Also, maybe Holborn was recent enough for Rasputin to be dormant, but with how long Guardians can live, Jagi’s Host could have been a while ago. Holborn is said to be pretty old.

Okay, you meant Not long before, I get it.

Fixed it. Forgot a word.

It would affect his speech patterns; he sounds buzzed, or just a little woozy, like the aftereffects of a sickness. The repetition of FAILURE three times is indicative of that.

Only Holborn’s confirmed to be a Titan. Lyssa the Lighthearted is a Warlock. And yes, Holborn is quite old, so he may have been around for when the Iron Lords were destroyed.

Right, Lyssa is there too. Well, if the Ghost wasn’t a shell anyway, I guess it just didn’t raise enough suspicion.

We might not have enough information one way or the other, to be honest.