Theory of the nine

So back in destiny one I remember there being a titan mark talking about a group of titans that left the city and only a few ghost returned refusing to speak about what happened to there guardian’s I’m just curious if anybody knows a reference to this I think it might have been Jong’s host but I’m not sure. But I think it listed numbers of how many titans left and how many ghost came back and so I think these ghost that didn’t come back might be the nine

I’ve categorized this topic as lore. :grin:

I think you mean Jagi’s Host.

From Ghost Fragment: Titan
"Seven Ghosts, damn near silent, buzzing with some sort of corruption."

There are several item descriptions as well, all of which can be found in the archive if you’re curious.’s%20host

As for the Ghosts being the Nine, you’re entitled to whatever theories you like. However, I don’t think there are any more lost Ghosts that didn’t return. Since there are only seven Guardians recorded as lost (see “Mark of the Lost Seven”) we can infer that the seven Ghosts who returned were the full number of Jagi’s Host.

I personally subscribe to the belief that this Jagi’s Host anecdote is simply a little worldbuilding flavor, though I once theorized that their “corruption” may have been SIVA, which we discussed back in February. The Fate of Jagi’s Host

There are a lot of theories on who the Nine could be. Feel free to explore!